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Anyone looking for Usenet access in order to access ad-free content and uncensored files with the help of this Internet alternative will encounter a large selection of Usenet providers. Their offer differs mostly strongly, so that not every registration seems also really advantageous. For this reason, I would like to point out on Alynsmith.com which providers are among the best in the business – and what makes them so. I also took a closer look at Xsnews. I’ll tell you more about what I noticed in the following.
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Advantages and disadvantages of the provider

  • European provider based in the Netherlands
  • Easiest handling through all-in-one XSnews software
  • No data volume limit
  • Useable at high speed
  • A total of 13 payment methods are available

– Retention with 1,900 days not very high

The prices - can I save with an Xsnews coupon?

You don’t need an Xsnews coupon to benefit from low prices. Because: You can get into the action here with less than five euros. In my opinion, the five different packages have been designed in such a way that the company’s full service can be used even on a small budget. The highlight: Xsnews has not only included several subscriptions in the portfolio, but also offers prepaid rates, where the selected data volume can be chosen as credit. So everyone is sure to find what they are looking for quickly.
The good news is that Xnews offers subscriptions in four different durations. For example, you can choose one month, opt for three, six or a full twelve months commitment. The longer the selected term, the greater the monthly savings compared to the normal price. Saving money is therefore also possible without an Xsnews coupon. By the way: A trial version of the Xsnews software can also be used to see for yourself.

14 days trial period.

Anyone who wants to test the software can do so for 14 days completely free of charge. The test period is not tied to data volume, so that the Usenet can be used here indefinitely. Also in terms of speed, you do not have to expect cutbacks for 14 days.

Those who decide to purchase a package from the Usenet provider after the test phase can pay in various ways. For example, PayPal is available as a method, but these payment methods can also be used:
  • Credit card
  • Direct debit
  • Deal
  • Giropay
  • Belfius
  • Mistercash
  • Mastercard
  • VISA
  • Paysafecard
  • Instant bank transfer
But be careful: Not all payment options are available for all packages. For example, I have to clarify in my Xnews review that instant transfers can only be used when purchasing prepaid data volume for Usenet.
Wichtige Merkmale von Xsnews

High-speed network of independent type with 200,000 newsgroups

How is Xnews different from other Usenet providers? The Dutch company offers access to over 200,000 newsgroups, which puts it well above the industry average. Up to 30 simultaneous connections are possible here – and with SSL encryption, which protects one’s own data all around. As far as data volume and surfing speed are concerned, you can experience unlimited Usenet fun with the Premium package. However, the provider is also characterized by one major drawback, as I have to mention in my Xsnews review: for example, the retention time of 1,900 days is not quite as good as that of other providers. Giganews, for example, can put a whopping 17 years of retention on the line, so Xsnews should still have some catching up to do. It is also not mentioned how many of the company’s own servers it has – and where they are located.

Newsreader selection: No Xsnews download needed

As Xsnews makes clear, you can start searching for various Usenet content directly after logging in to Xsnews. With its Xsnews software, the provider places particular emphasis on enabling simple use – which is why the newsreader was also built directly into the interface. The whole thing is included in the tariff, so you don’t have to go looking for a separate and possibly paid software to download – and save a lot of time, among other things. Unfortunately, the company does not make it clear which formats are supported and whether special features are to be expected. However, these could become important with a data volume of 30,000 terabytes. The provider also does not mention which operating system is supported by the integrated newsreader. However, I was able to determine within my Xsnews review that the newsreader provides speed statistics for the downloads.

FAQs - all questions about Xsnews answered

Is Xsnews illegal?

Xsnews is a company registered in the Netherlands that provides access to Usenet and therefore works similar to an Internet provider. It is therefore by no means an illegal platform, but rather a provider that has already been able to convince many different customers.

How to cancel Xsnews?

Anyone who has taken out an Xsnews subscription and would like to cancel it should do so in writing and contact customer service directly – for example, by e-mail. It is advantageous to obtain a confirmation of cancellation in order to avoid disputes or misunderstandings.

Which Xsnews newsreader is available?

Xsnews uses an integrated newsreader, for which no Xsnews download is required. This allows direct searching and browsing in Usenet after the Xsnews login and offers particularly easy handling. Also, clarity is ensured here.

Is Xsnews secure?

Xsnews works with SSL encryption on all connections. All connections are thus secured in the best possible way as far as your data is concerned. This is especially important with regard to your financial transactions. Only privacy protection through VPN is not to be expected here, as I could find out.

Does Xsnews VPN exist?

Xsnews software with VPN was not integrated into the company’s offer. The connections are protected all around, but no VPN access can be used. It remains to be seen whether Xsnews will catch up with the top companies in the industry in this respect in the future.

Is there an Xsnews coupon or discount?

An Xsnews discount can only be used if one decides for a longer subscription period. Otherwise, I could not find any Xsnews coupon that would provide savings on the rate selection or even a more extensive trial period.
Abonnement Vorteile

Alternatives to Xsnews

Xsnews is still distinguished here and there by features that need improvement, which other companies on the market have already solved better than average. The Usenet provider NewsLeecher, for example, has so far managed to stretch the retention time to a whole 4,650 days – and thus provide access to more content. The provider Giganews, on the other hand, can trump this figure once again: with a proud 17 years of retention and three years of retention time for the binaries alone. It is also made clear here: all content is copied multiple times in order to be able to keep it available in the search results.
However, those who prefer to register with a Dutch company can also take a look at Usenet.nl: This provider also allows access to more than 200,000 newsgroups and has made it its business to accommodate newcomers in particular with simple handling. This makes it very similar to Xsnews, in my opinion. The clou: Here are several newsreaders available, from which only the suitable one must be selected. Among them there is also a software that provides Usenet access for mobile devices. Prepaid Usenet, on the other hand, can come up with prepaid credit if you want to claim rates with full cost control. Here, no subscriptions are necessary, which also prevents cancellation and can avoid subsequent subscriptions.

Conclusion: Final words about Xsnews

So what can be said in conclusion about Xsnews? And what rating can I give the company in good conscience? In comparison, the Usenet provider definitely scores with unlimited speed if you opt for the corresponding tariff. Also, the SSL protection of all connections, as well as the availability of several tariffs can certainly score points with many a customer. Personally, I am impressed that the provider allows access to over 200,000 newsgroups – something that only a few other providers manage.
However, Xsnews is also associated with some disadvantages, as my research has shown: The retention of 1,900 days is comparatively short. VPN software would also be desirable, as well as a somewhat more flexible selection of newsreaders. It remains to be seen whether the company will be able to eliminate these disadvantages in the future – otherwise, from a price point of view, this is already a very worthwhile Usenet provider. Therefore, I can currently award three out of five stars to the company at this point.

“Xsnews is one of the top providers in terms of price – though unfortunately, the offering isn’t quite as mature as other companies.”

3.0 / 5.0 rated by Alyn Smith

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