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You would like to use the Internet alternative Usenet and still need a suitable newsreader? Then you should not settle for just any software, but choose only the best of the best. Why? Because it’s not just the Usenet provider that determines how good your surfing experience will be, but the newsreader client in particular. But quality also has its price, which is why choosing the right client is all the more important – I’ve summarized what each program has to offer for you on You can also find out here what things should be considered when choosing the right provider.
Choosing the right newsreader software is of particular importance. Image by: Pexels on Pixabay

My Top 5 Newsreader Favorites





Windows, Linux, Mac OS
In four different languages
Filter options available
Simple user interface
Momentum Plus
Mac OS, Windows, Linux
Parallel downloads possible
Favorites can be saved
File preview
Intelligent search
Many filter options
Windows, Linux, Mac OS, NAS, iOS and Android
Available in 16 languages
For all devices
Usable with other tools
Other codes can be developed
Windows, Mac OS
No header download required
Automatically repair and extract files
NZB files are supported
Easy to use
All operating systems, as cloud-based Newsreader
Directly from the browser
Maximum speed
Easy to use
You see: Your newsreader options sometimes differ greatly, which is why you shouldn’t go for the first best thing. With the following tips, you’ll keep in mind everything that needs to be considered when choosing. It is important that you choose the newsreader software that really fits your needs.

Newsreader Cilents - Why They Are So Important for Usenet

While a Usenet provider gives you access to Usenet, it’s the newsreaders that let you look for content. With the help of various filter options, you can choose whether you want to search for pure text files or images and other formats – or even view binaries and NZB files. The more comprehensive the newsreader, the easier it is to get to the content you prefer. But that’s not all: Newsreaders also allow, among other things:

  1. Saving search histories
  2. Previewing files
  3. Saving favorites
  4. Saving discussions
  5. Customize the user interface
  6. Parallel or automatic downloads
  7. Unpacking and repairing file fragments

Basically, the better a newsreader combines complex features with simple handling, the more customer satisfaction it can generate. Both beginners and advanced users can find their way around a complex newsreader as long as it is designed with ease of use in mind.

Betriebssystem Eignung von Newsreader SABnzbd
SABnzbd is suitable for all devices - including smartphones and tablets.

How to Choose the Right Newsreader for You

It’s not difficult to find the perfect newsreader client for your purposes – as long as you know what exactly to look out for. Do you already consider yourself a Usenet professional and like to use advanced tools to browse between files? Then you should select a newsreader such as Momentum Plus or SABnzbd, for example, in order to complement your choice of Usenet provider in the best possible way.
Are you just starting to use Usenet with a newsreader? In order to optimize your Usenet search, it is important that the client you choose has attributes like these:
  • SSL encryption for your security
  • Many filtering options for Usenet search
  • Available for free or at affordable rates
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Compatible with NZB files
  • Usable with many providers
  • File Preview

The more of these features the newsreader can combine, the better. Because: You will be especially satisfied with the program, period. However, there is one criterion that stands above the others in my eyes:

Is the Newsreader Suitable for Your Operating System?

Probably the most important question when choosing your newsreader revolves around the operating system of your device. Is the software suitable for your operating system? In my experience, most newsreaders are only compatible with the operating systems Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux – only very few also allow mobile access with Android and iOS. Even less common are newsreaders that can be used through the browser and are thus compatible with any mobile device. This is possible, for example, with – a cloud-based newsreader, which can be accessed through any browser. This also makes it possible to view files in the browser without any newsreader download.

Important to know: To ensure that everything runs smoothly after the newsreader download, your operating system should be the latest version currently available. Therefore, make sure to keep it up to date – and make all necessary updates if required.

Entscheidung für den richtigen Newsreader
The decision for or against a browser-based newsreader should not be taken lightly. Image from StockSnap on Pixabay

Newsreader Download versus Browser-Based Newsreader

Whether you choose a newsreader download or browser-based service is entirely up to you. Both variants have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it all depends on your personal needs. While browser-based services are characterized as particularly user-friendly, they usually do not show themselves to be quite as extensive. Numerous functions and features are more likely to be found in download alternatives – but it is not possible to open files directly in the browser. Here it is necessary to try out the newsreader software with the help of the test period of Usenet providers. This is the only way to practically assess what suits you better in the end.

Newsreader FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions & My Expert Opinion

So that all aspects of the newsreader are really illuminated in more detail, I would like to address frequently asked questions on the subject below. Because: Especially for beginners, this is a complex field, in which experience matters more than almost anything else.

Are there also Usenet Newsreader Apps?

There are no mobile apps offered by any major newsreader to my knowledge. Instead, newsreaders like SABnzbd offer the possibility to use the software via your browser, and thus, with any mobile device. This is an advantage, especially since dedicated apps are usually only developed for the common operating systems Android and iOS .

Is There Newsreader Freeware?

In fact, most newsreaders such as my top 5 are available for free. Paid newsreaders can also be used free of charge – if you have paid for an appropriate subscription at a Usenet provider. In any case, with most Usenet providers you can also try the product through various free demo schemes without having to pay up front for the included newsreader. So you do not have to expect high costs for the optimal Usenet search.

Which Newsreader is Available in German?

Several newsreader clients are available in languages including German to facilitate optimal ease of use. Both Tangysoft, as well as SABnzbd are available to you in German, for example. Customer service at these companies also works in fluent German.

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