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Anyone who wants to opt for Usenet access these days is faced with a wide selection of promising providers. However, not all options should be used without informing oneself in advance – after all, sometimes large differences in quality make themselves felt. Therefore, I at Alynsmith.com would like to inform you about the individual providers and clarify which advantages and disadvantages they bring. In this Hitnews Review, I’m going to talk specifically about Hitnews – a provider headquartered in the US. To find out what the overall user experience is at Hitnews, read on below.


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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Provider

  • Up to 1,000 Mbps speed
  • Hitnews coupon offer on the website
  • Large number of payment methods available
  • Smaller Usenet packages available in addition to subscriptions

– Low retention time

Prices - Can You Save With a Hitnews Coupon?

In this Hitnews review, I would first like to talk about the prices of the Usenet packages. After all, this is the point that is most important for most users. Regarding the rates, it should be said that Hitnews focuses on flexibility – and does everything right. Customers can choose between four different durations and even select a night tariff or short-term tariff. This means that Hitnews offers more special and specific packages than most other Usenet providers. Due to the variety of rates and associated fees, it is possible to find the right one for any budget here. Even those who only want to use Usenet for a very short time can get a suitable rate at the best price.

All packages benefit from 2,100 days of retention time. However, there is no integrated VPN, so customers have to accept one or the other disadvantage here. Also, no newsreader is provided free of charge, which is another bummer. To find one, you would have to look elsewhere – and that is usually associated with follow-up costs. In return, the company offers a three-day test phase during which the full services can be tried out.

My tip at this point: With the Hitnews coupon WELCOME at registration, the three-day trial period can be extended by one month. In addition, you will receive your selected package with a 50 percent discount – which is certainly a good offer for newcomers.

Free trial period with all services

Those who use the trial period of three days (extendable with the above Hitnews coupon) can use full download speeds and unlimited data volume. There are no obligations during the trial period – it is also not going to be automatically converted to a paid subscription.

One highlight: Seven different payment methods can be used to take out a subscription with the provider. These include not only credit cards such as VISA, but also PayPal and Bitcoin payments, which are not found everywhere and therefore present the provider advantageously.

Nachttarif von Hitnews

Experience High-Speed Access and Unlimited Downloads

What makes Hitnews different from other Usenet providers?  First of all, it is the speed of the connections and downloads that scores here. With up to 1,000 MBit/s theoretically, the provider counts among the best Usenet accesses ever. The rates already mentioned also make this company an attractive place to go for anyone who wants to get into Usenet. Indeed, from the payment methods to the various packages, there is a lot of choice that cannot be found elsewhere. However, I must also clarify at this point: The Hitnews software does not come with VPN, so certain disadvantages distinguish the company from its competitors. Despite own servers on different continents and excellent connection, the access to the Usenet is rather limited. The provider does not specify how many newsgroups are available.

Newsreader Selection - Customers Have to Look for Themselves

Hitnews itself does not offer a newsreader – nor does it provide free access to popular newsreaders like Grabit. While this is a shame, it allows you to pick out exactly the newsreader that best suits your needs and has also been adapted to your operating system. If, for example, you would like to access Usenet on a mobile basis, you can find appropriate providers for this as well. However, depending on the newsreader, it may be that further fees are due.  Also, in addition to your Hitnews login data, you will have to register and create a new set of user data as well.

FAQs - All Questions About Hitnews Answered

What is Hitnews?

Hitnews is a provider that allows access to the Usenet. Via the various data packages and with the help of a newsreader, all Usenet content can be viewed, downloaded or saved – it is also possible to write articles yourself.

How to cancel Hitnews?

The advantage of Hitnews is that tariffs can be selected entirely according to one’s own needs. So it is possible to pay for only one month, book a tariff for only 48 hours and more. This means that the service is not automatically extended if it is not currently needed. Those who wish to cancel for a longer term should do so in writing and submit via contact form. Having a confirmation of the cancellation sent to you also secures the process legally.

Is the Hitnews login also suitable for other accounts?

No. The Hitnews login is only valid for the software of the provider – but not for newsreaders let alone other providers entirely. This means: You have to create multiple accounts and remember or store a corresponding amount of user data. Other providers offer the advantage of enabling one login across multiple platforms.

What Hitnews retention can I expect?

The Hitnews retention time is about 2,100 days, which corresponds to just over five years. This is about half of what most other providers provide. What retention time is available for binaries and whether copies of headlines and content are made is not mentioned on the website. So it may be that you have to cut back here as well.

Is Hitnews safe?

After downloading Hitnews, you will benefit from 256-bit SSL encryption, which secures your data all around. Privacy is very important on Usenet, but no Hitnews software with VPN is provided. This means that there is an additional layer of privacy missing here – you will have to content yourself with a base level of security instead.

How fast is the Hitnews download of Usenet content really?

The claimed download speed supported by the Hitnews software goes up to 1,000 Mbit/s. However, this may vary depending on your own network speed and multiple factors that are harder to quantify. Therefore, it is worth testing your speed in advance, which is possible directly on the Hitnews website.

Hitnews Login

Alternatives to Hitnews

Admittedly: The Hitnews software is certainly not convincing in every respect. If you are looking for an alternative that offers competitive download speeds in particular, I can recommend the provider Giganews. Here, too, a bandwidth of 1,000 MBit/s is possible, which is impressive in comparison. Those who want to use unlimited data volume can do so here as well. The only difference: VyprVPN is integrated into all rates here, which is an advantage for customers looking for the best in privacy. Especially in terms of location selection, the VPN software helps immensely.

Which Usenet providers are also worth considering? If you are looking for a company with the highest possible number of newsgroups, Usenext is the right choice. 200,000 newsgroups can be accessed, which is considerable. In addition, Usenext scores with a retention period of more than ten years, six dedicated servers and even a customer service with several languages. Usenet.nl, as a Dutch company, makes its mark as an alternative with the fact that up to 220,000 newsgroups can be reached – and 4,000+ days of retention time are available, which are constantly being extended. All in all, there are enough options available if Hitnews doesn’t quite meet your requirements.

Conclusion: Final Words about Hitnews

First of all, let’s talk about the advantages of Hitnews: The Usenet provider scores with a very good speed, has a clear layout and is self-explanatory even for newcomers. In addition, there are very flexible rates and many payment methods that simplify the experience. If you use the code WELCOME, you can extend the trial period to over 30 days and thus gain an advantage. However, the company still needs improvements here and there if it wants to keep up with the industry’s top providers in the long run.

Why? Because, for example, no VPN is integrated into the Hitnews software. Also, the retention period of only 2,100 days is somewhat shorter than one would wish. A good customer service can make up for these disadvantages a bit, but it can’t mitigate the company’s mixed overall impression. For this very reason, I can only award three out of five stars at this point. Of course, this rating is more than capable of being improved and I will be happy to review and adjust it in the future depending on further developments at Hitnews.


“Hitnews relies on unlimited data volume and very good bandwidth – but can still catch up here and there.”

3.0 / 5.0 rated by Alyn Smith

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