Usenet Providers In Check - Who Made It Into The Top 5?

Would you like to gain access to the Internet alternative Usenet and are therefore looking for the right provider with top rates? Then you’ve come to the right place: I went to in search of the best Usenet providers and test options in the industry and came across five remarkable companies. What they offer you and what to look out for when choosing a Usenet provider is explained in more detail below. After all, only with the right partner at your side can you fully enjoy Usenet use and reap the benefits.
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What makes top Usenet providers?

  • High retention: This is the retention time of the Usenet provider. The higher this is, the longer the newsgroup content is stored – and the more content you can view. For most providers, the retention period is 4,500+ days, which is about 12 years.
  • SSL encryption: In order for you to be able to surf the Usenet securely, the Usenet provider should have good SSL encryption available. If this is not available, this may indicate a less than optimal provider.
  • Integrated VPN software: VPN software is important for anonymous Usenet surfing. Top providers have this available for free so that you get the best Usenet experience.
  • Free newsreader access: In addition to Usenet access, you need a newsreader to get the most out of your search. If this is included free of charge in the tariff, you can definitely save a lot of money.
  • Unlimited data volume: Most Usenet providers allow unlimited access and unlimited downloads – at full speed. If the data volume is capped, this may indicate inferior quality.
  • Rate choices: The more tariffs, subscription periods and prices available, the better. Prepaid rates are also important for optimal cost control.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when choosing a Usenet provider. That’s exactly why I took a closer look at your options on the market and reveal below who performed best in my test – and why.

These 5 Usenet providers scored well in the test

  1. Eweka
  2. Newshosting
  3. Easynews
  4. Usenext







1. Eweka
4,500+ days lead time
125,000+ newsgroups
350,000 TB of data volume
Redundant Failover
24/7 support
256-bit SSL
7 days free trial - unlimited data volume 7,00 – 9,60€

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2. Newshosting
Global Server Farms
Limitless access
Free newsreader integrated
110,000+ newsgroups
256-bit SSL
4,500+ days retention
14 days free trial - with up to 30GB data volume 10 bis 15,83 US-Dollar

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3. Easynews
Global server locations
60 connections
110,000+ newsgroups
VPN integrated
Multiple file downloads
14 days free trial - with 50GB data volume 10€ – 15€

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4. Usenext
6 Servers in EU & USA
30 connections
200,000 newsgroups
256-bit SSL encryption
10+ years retention
Test here 30 instead of 14 days for free - at full speed & unlimited data volume! 7,95 – 26,95€

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200,000 newsgroups
5 server farms
16 connections
256-bit SSL
Also mobile accessible
Over 4,000+ days retention
14 days free trial - with GB data volume at full speed 8,33€ oder 13,99€

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1. Usenext - the test winner at a glance

Usenext Webseiten-Ausschnitt
Usenext aims to deliver fast Usenet access - at the best speed.
The Usenet provider Usenext has set itself the task of scoring points with particularly advantageous access to the Internet alternative. Not only should customers be able to search Usenet at full speed, but also at the best prices. What is striking about this is that Usenext offers a generous retention period and constantly expands this by investing in server memory. What does Usenext score particularly well with? In my review you can learn among other things: Usenext works with 256-bit SSL encryption, which enables absolutely secure surfing. In addition, it provides access to more than 200,000 newsgroups, with which you can safely discover all important content at first go. Not without reason, the Usenet provider has already been rated “Very Good” by several PC Magazines.

2. - rock solid second place

Also, with you get access to more than 200,000 newsgroups according to my experience, which increases the probability that you will also find the right files for your search intention. Here you can count on 256-bit SSL encryption, which provides the best protection for you and your data. In addition, the Usenet provider has five of its own servers ready, which allow for more than 16 connections – VPN software has also been included in some of the tariffs. By the way, the 3,800+ days of retention are extended here by constant investments in server memory, so that even more files can be viewed in the future.

It is practical that this provider also provides a German customer service, which is supposed to be available around the clock. Anyone who encounters problems can contact the employees directly.

3. Eweka - Top ranking for the European provider

My Eweka Review showed: This is also one of the top companies in the industry. It’s not just the prices that are impressive, but also the content of the rates. SSL encryption is integrated into every package to guarantee customer security. Up to 50 connections are possible at the same time, plus a retention time of more than 4,500+ days, which is constantly being expanded. If you want to choose a Usenet provider with a future, this is also the right place because of the unlimited speed.

4. Newshosting - numerous advantages from one source

The prices for Newshosting are somewhat higher than those of providers such as Eweka, but all rates include zero-log VPN software. I find it practical that you can use up to 60 connections at the same time to optimize your Usenet search. At the same time, you benefit from unlimited speed and an unlimited data volume if you choose the appropriate tariff. The highlight: A free newsreader has also been integrated here, so that you don’t have to search for a corresponding provider. The right thing is available for almost all operating systems.
Newshosting Angebot für alle Betriebssysteme
The news hosting offer includes an integrated newsreader, unlimited browsing speed and file previews.

5. Prepaid Usenet - volle Kostenkontrolle & solides Angebot

Last but not least, I would also like to briefly introduce Prepaid Usenet. The company made it into my top 5 because it can offer full cost control with prepaid data volume as credit. If you don’t want to sign up for a subscription and just want to surf Usenet for a short time, you can find the right thing here. This makes it possible to get by without cancellation at all and not be tied to monthly costs. With more than five years of retention and full speed surfing, Prepaid Usenet makes a very solid, but above all serious impression.

You should avoid this type of Usenet provider

As you have now learned, the providers on the market sometimes differ greatly in terms of quality. This is exactly why it is so important to take a closer look at the individual options in advance and to avoid Usenet providers that offer anything but high quality. But what actually distinguishes bad providers on the market?

First of all, you should become suspicious if the provider’s rates allow little flexibility: Heavily limited data volumes and surfing speeds, for example, are an indication that you cannot expect full Usenet access. Also, a rather short retention period speaks against the Usenet provider, in my opinion – because this indirectly restricts them. Don’t look for prices that are too cheap, but rather test the options in advance. If you have nothing to hide, you can test the software extensively with generous data volume at full speed. You should refrain if the chosen Usenet provider has not set up any SSL encryption – because then you are less well protected when searching Usenet.

Another indication of a rather unconvincing Usenet provider is a long subscription term. After all, long terms indicate that the company wants to bind you directly to it – and you hardly get the chance to convince yourself first. However, this is different if you can cancel at any time without any problems. So keep a closer eye out for this feature. Of course, it also depends on your personal preferences – for example, if you want mobile access to Usenet. In summary, you should avoid providers with these features:

  • Scarce retention time
  • No Newsreader included in the tariff
  • No SSL encryption
  • Hardly any flexibility in tariffs & payment methods
  • Only long terms possible
Usenet Nutzung mobil
Mobile Usenet providers can often score points, too - with good availability.

Test Usenet provider free of charge in advance

Most of the Usenet providers I tested allow you to try out their services in advance. With the help of ten-day test phases up to test periods of one month, it is possible here to gain initial experience with the Usenet and its handling. If you are convinced, you can then convert the test period into an automatic subscription – alternatively, you must cancel before the end of the test period. A limited data volume is usually tied to the trial period – up to 50GB is often included for free. You would like to try Usenext? Then you’ve come to the right place – because with my link you get a whole 30 days of free testing.

Please note that the cancellation must be submitted in writing before the end of the trial period if you do not wish to be bound to a subsequent subscription. If possible, have a confirmation of cancellation sent to you so that you can protect yourself. After all, it is not uncommon for a cancellation to be lost or forgotten by customer service – so you can clear up any misunderstandings with a confirmation.   Also, don’t be afraid to try out several providers at the same time – because this enables a more direct comparison. The only thing is that you should then keep track of when the notices are due.

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