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Often dubbed America’s Premium Usenet Provider, NewsDemon is one of the most popular names in the Usenet provider world. The company maintains servers in the Netherlands and the USA and automatically directs users to the server nearest to them, for the best experience.

I have tested dozens of different Usenet providers, but NewsDemon‘s bold claims certainly gave me pause and I had to check them out for myself. I set out to find out if NewsDemon is truly as great as they claim to be and this NewsDemon review will break it all down for you.

I tested the self-proclaimed best Usenet provider and compared its upsides and downsides. Keep reading to find out just how well it compares to its closest competitors and other best providers of Usenet services in the world.



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Advantages and disadvantages of the provider


  • Active for nearly two decades
  • Many subscription plans offered
  • Over 110,000 newsgroups available
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Bitcoin and PayPal payments accepted
  • European and North American servers available


  • No integrated newsreader

Prices - can savings be made with a NewsDemon coupon?

Before we get into any of the specifics in terms of features and the technical specifications of the NewsDemon software, let’s talk about pricing, one of the most important aspects of any Usenet provider these days.

Probably one of the biggest advantages of NewsDemon for actual users these days is the fact it provides so many different subscription plans. This layered approach makes it possible for every user to get the best plan for their own personal needs.

There are three different types of plans available, and these are the metered plans, unlimited plans, and block plans. Regardless of the subscription plan selected, users can expect premium service that includes no speed limits, 50 unique connections, free headers, header compression, integrated VPN protection, and around-the-clock customer support.

Newsdemon Subscriptions
Subscriptions: Choose your Newsdemon subscription plan

The unlimited plans are best for users who want unlimited access to Usenet year-round. The monthly plan can be a bit costly compared to some other services, but if you decide to pay for a whole year, you will make some significant savings.

The block plans are a great option for occasional users who only need Usenet from time to time. Such users can get anywhere between 500GB and 5,000GB of Usenet downloads at extremely affordable prices, to be used on demand.

The metered plans are a mix of the two and offer a great price on a monthly basis, with download limits imposed each month. The cheapest metered plan will get you 50GB of downloads per month, but you can get up to 1,000GB a month for a higher price.

Try NewsDemon for free for 15 days

If you are a new NewsDemon user, you will get the option to try the service for free for 15 days. Simply choose the plan you intend on buying if you like the service and you will get 15 days completely free. If you decide you don’t like the service, you can easily cancel your subscription and pay nothing at all. If you do like it, you can keep on using it after the expiration of the trial period with your plan kicking in.

You will not need a NewsDemon coupon to get a premium price at all, as the current prices are affordable in terms of today’s industry standards. Paying a year in advance will get you a great deal for unlimited access, which is the most affordable option. The provider allows payments via popular debit and credit cards, PayPal, iDEAL, and even Bitcoin, for an extremely well-balanced selection.

Independent high-speed network with 110,000 newsgroups

NewsDemon claims to be the best service in the industry, and I must admit that I was fairly impressed with the level of quality offered and the features included in all subscription plans. First of all, we should talk about their servers, which are available in both Europe and North America, and which allow for truly optimized downloads to make the best of your own bandwidth.

Since NewsDemon does not impose any speed limits, you will only be limited in terms of downloads by your own bandwidth. What’s even more, you can have up to 50 connections active at one time, if your setup allows for it.

Features: Access Usenet with premium features through Newsdemon.

On top of great speed, the provider also offers a free VPN service with every NewsDemon download. You will be able to use SlickVPN to conceal your connection and make surfing on the Usenet even more secure.

The current file retention rate is 3,002 days, and growing by the day. Users can access as many as 110,000 Usenet newsgroups through the provider and the file completion rate of 99.99% means you will get access to a massive library of data of all sorts, completely free of any limitations.

Being able to pay for your subscriptions with Bitcoin and sign up with nothing more than an email address means you can maintain a high level of anonymity. If you are looking for a truly secure network where you won’t be bothered by anyone, NewsDemon might actually be the very best for you.

Newsreader selection - the right NewsDemon download for every device

Of course, in order to access and read the thousands of NewsDemon newsgroups, you will need a newsreader first. Unfortunately, NewsDemon does not provide a free newsreader to its users anymore, but this is not a problem as a number of free and high-quality newsreaders are available.For best experience when using NewsDemon, you might want to download TangySoft, one of the best Usenet newsreaders in my experience. This newsreader uses a very simple interface to let you browse Usenet and is available in four different languages for your convenience.Another amazing selection is the SABnzbd, a newsreader available on nearly every operating system out there, including Android, NAS, and iOS. It offers support for 16 different languages and allows code-proficient users to make changes to the program and use the software in conjunction with other tools as well.

FAQs - all questions about NewsDemon answered

What is NewsDemon?

NewsDemon is a top notch Usenet provider, which allows its users to browse Usenet and download from over 110,000 newsgroups. NewsDemon comes with a great number of amazing features including long-term file retention, high-speed downloads, no download speed caps, and more.

Is NewsDemon illegal?

If you are afraid of your NewsDemon login being illegal, don’t be! There is nothing illegal about accessing Usenet or downloading files from it. Just like with torrents, downloading certain content may be illegal in some jurisdictions, but Usenet actually provides a much greater degree of anonymity and protection to its users.

What subscription plans does NewsDemon offer?

NewsDemon is an absolute champion of providing users with many different subscription options. You can pay for unlimited plans which last between one month and one year, block plans which allow downloads of up to 5,000GB with no time limitations and mixed plans which offer limited download volumes over a certain time period.

Which Usenet provider is the best?

You have to choose for yourself which Usenet provider to use, but I can tell you that using NewsDemon has been quite thrilling. NewsDemon is very close in quality to competitors such as Eweka and offers many different subscription options to all types of users, with all plans featuring the same set of features and perks.

Is NewsDemon secure?

Yes, NewsDemon is a very secure Usenet provider. Not only is your connection protected by 256-bit SSL encryption, but you get to use a completely free VPN service with this provider which further protects you from any prying eyes. Add to that the anonymity of not having to provide personal data, and you are looking at a premium service in terms of security.

Alternatives to NewsDemon

I can’t really find too many downsides to using NewsDemon and my personal experience with the provider has been nothing short of great. However, if you are not content with the service for whatever reason or simply want to have a backup option, there are other Usenet providers I can recommend.

EasyNews is one of the most popular and commonly used providers these days, providing high quality performance without any software download needed. This service also provides a global network of servers, high-speed downloads and an integrated VPN. Another amazing alternative can be found in NewsHosting, a provider that offers 30GB of free downloads to all newcomers and high quality Usenet browsing across the board.

Conclusion: Final words on NewsDemon

There are many Usenet providers out there these days, but few provide the level of service that NewsDemon can. With an extremely versatile selection of subscription plans and a host of premium features included by default, this provider ranks high in the overall charts.

Newsdemon: High-quality Usenet access and VPN with Newsdemon

I have tested the download speeds via NewsDemon myself and was impressed to see my bandwidth was truly utilized to the maximum. The only real downside I can find is the lack of an integrated newsreader, which can make things complicated for newcomers, so I will give NewsDemon a 4.5 out of 5 star ranking, as one of the top in the business.


”NewsDemon offers a high-quality and secure service at affordable prices across the board.”

4.5 / 5.0 rated by Alyn Smith

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