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When it comes to top-notch Usenet access, Eweka is one of the most popular choices for many. After all, the provider founded in 2001, during the early days of Usenet – has made a name for itself through its attractive features and price point. Eweka scores with top speeds, unlimited downloads and high security, all integral aspects of the Usenet experience. Because of their stellar record, of course I took a look at them, and you will read about my findings in the Eweka review below. Let me just say in advance: Eweka managed to convince me so well that the company made it into the all-time top 5 Usenet providers as ranked by me on Alynsmith.com.


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Advantages and disadvantages of the provider

  • Independently-run, globally-located server network
  • Retention rate is increased daily
  • Built-in network redundancies for uninterrupted browsing with no downtime
  • 24/7 support available in multiple languages
  • 100% availability through copies of all content.

    – Free trial period only lasts one week

Prices - can you save with an Eweka coupon?

Here’s the good news: Throughout my tests, Eweka’s subscription plans showed extraordinary value for money across the board. Nobody will have to resort to an Eweka coupon to benefit from the services of this provider, as their affordable rates are accessible to just about anyone. Particularly impressive is that Eweka does not just carry subscriptions, but also prepaid plans, perfect for those who want to have maximum flexibility when it comes to pricing. Unfortunately, the Eweka trial period only lasts a single week, far below the average for top Usenet providers these days. However, key advantages that might balance that out for some include the complete lack of data limits, and that Eweka is one of the increasingly small number of providers to still give you the choice between different subscription periods – simply put, you are not forced to commit to a plan that is billed yearly, and can select shorter runtimes if you are still not quite sure about the service.

Of all these and other key strengths worth mentioning about Eweka, one of the most significant has got to be the unlimited data volume. Even during the trial period, data usage is not fixed or capped in any way. This means that even power users with high demands in terms of bandwidth can get their money’s worth. Eweka also features a fully-integrated newsreader developed in-house by the company. As such, there is no need for any additional downloads after signing up for Eweka, saving you time and money.

7-day trial period with unlimited data volume

Deleted: Eweka offers a seven-day test period for all those who would like to first convince themselves of the Usenet provider free of charge. The provider is very different from other companies here: The data volume is not limited during this period – nor is the speed. It is also not necessary to select a payment method for the test period.

In my opinion, Eweka’s subscription plans are among the best in the industry chiefly due to two key factors: flexibility and affordability. It is worth noting that all the longer-term plans – those lasting in excess of 90 days – are priced more generously compared to the shorter options. If you are only planning to use Eweka occasionally, their one-month subscription still comes at an extremely low cost – and you won’t have to accept any compromises in terms of performance. While we are on the subject of paying for Eweka: The provider’s supported payment methods are quite diverse and include safe and trusted vendors such as GiroPay and PayPal.

Independent High-Speed Network with 125,000 Newsgroups

How does Eweka actually set itself apart from the competition? First of all, the EU-based provider maintains an entire network of servers globally. These specially-built servers, equipped with its own routers and IP addresses, also work with an autonomous system number (AS number). What does all that mean for you as the end user? Simply put, it guarantees you not just optimal connection speeds across the board, but it also prevents downtimes by giving you a whole array of connections to choose from at any given moment. Through internal redundancies, any disruption or failure within one part of the network can be compensated for without interrupting regular service. Speed is given top priority here – even in the case of multiple simultaneous connections.

Eweka Anmeldung

Newsreader Selection - The Right Eweka Download for Every Device

Eweka packages the newsreader NewsLazer with all their paid plans. This newsreader client has been on the market for 20 years and features advanced search and filtering functions. NewsLazer also supports importing NZB files, programmable automated searches, as well as featuring a content preview function. Working together with Eweka, NewsLazer can open the doors to over 125,000 newsgroups – the main server alone contains 350 terabytes worth of data. Other useful things to know about NewsLazer include:
  • Available for Windows, MAC OS and Linux.
  • Favourite newsgroups or binaries can be saved as bookmarks.
  • Displays a speed gauge for server connection.
NewsLazer stands out among other things for its intuitive handling. Immediately after logging in to Eweka for the first time, you can download the NewsLazer newsreader software directly from the Eweka download section. After successfully installing the client (which goes by in a hitch), it’s not necessary to mess with any configurations or customization options to make the NewsLazer dashboard adequately usable, as the user interface is thankfully very clean and accommodating by default.

FAQs - all questions about Eweka answered

Can Tangysoft be used with Eweka?

Absolutely! In fact, there are zero compatibility issues between the Tangysoft newsreader and the Eweka software client, as tested during this review. However, technical compatibility aside, it is very much possible that you might have to incur additional fees if you choose a third-party newsreader that is not part of the default Eweka package – an unfortunate downside of going with software that isn’t officially supported by the provider.

Eweka vs. Usenext – which is better for me? 

Which Usenet provider you should choose depends entirely on your own needs and preferences. However, with Eweka you can expect unlimited data volume, even during the trial period – Usenext cannot currently compete with that on any level. On the other hand, Usenext does offer a larger and more diverse selection of bundled newsreaders.

How to cancel my Eweka account? 

One of the great things about Eweka is the ability to purchase a subscription plan for durations as short as one month, so you don’t have to commit to the usual twelve-month terms common with other providers. However, canceling your contract at any point in time is nevertheless quite simple. I always suggest anyone to go through this concept in writing, as it lets you keep black-on-white records of all communications easily. Since Eweka customer service is available around the clock – and in several languages, including German – this should not pose an issue. Again, I stress the importance of reaching out in writing and requesting a confirmation of contract termination after your subscription has been successfully cancelled.

Is Eweka safe?

Security is a top priority at Eweka, as my experiences prove. Every paid plan includes 256-bit SSL encryption, which is the highest-grade encryption algorithm currently available at the consumer level. The only drawback: Eweka chose not to integrate a VPN service into their software suite.

What payment methods are available at Eweka? 

Eweka is one of the most flexible Usenet providers out there when it comes to payment methods. For starters, it is possible to pay with PayPal, or via conventional bank transfer. Those who reside in the Netherlands can purchase day passes via SMS. Additionally, there is the option of purchasing an Eweka subscription through iDeal, Giropay, and Mistercash direct payments, offering a wealth of options for everyone. Curiously, credit card payments are currently not supported, but this shouldn’t be too big of a loss when you consider how many alternative options there are instead.

Eweka Zahlungsmethoden

Alternatives to Eweka

Of course, throughout my long personal history of experience with Usenet, I have had the chance to try out a whole lot of providers apart from Eweka. That includes Prepaid Usenet – a fairly unique provider that bets on prepaid plans instead of subscriptions. If Eweka for some reason doesn’t quite match your needs or expectations, but you don’t want to lose out on the flexible rates, Prepaid Usenet might just be the right choice. This is because they give you complete control over your expenses and make it incredibly easy to close or deactivate your account if you only need Usenet access sparingly – no subscriptions means no weary cancellation procedures, just use your prepaid allowance for as long as it lasts, and once it runs out, you’re put on standby.Another alternative worth mentioning is Usenet.nl. This provider delivers access to over 200,000 newsgroups, and their retention time is almost on par with that of Eweka. Usenet.nl also features a wider selection of newsreaders, so there is a little bit more flexibility there, especially if you plan to surf Usenet from a variety of different devices. One thing Usenet.nl and Eweka have in common is that they both maintain a transatlantic network of proprietary servers, allowing for stable, high-speed connections with little to no downtimes for the end user.

Conclusion: Final words on Eweka

In my opinion, Eweka is one of the Usenet providers with the best overall user experience today. For one, neither download speeds nor data volume are capped in any way – and to enjoy that unlimited freedom, you don’t have to pass through a paywall. The provider also takes care to extend the retention rate continuously, while also improving server memory at a rapid pace. The integrated newsreader allows you to view plenty of copies of each piece of content so that it’s hard to miss any binaries during searches. Another thing worth considering: With Eweka, not only are all prices transparently laid out from the start, but you are able to customize the runtime of your subscription to a large extent, making their payment plans much more flexible than most alternatives.

On the other hand, the provider does not bundle a VPN with the Eweka software, which is a shame. However, for most, the long list of advantages will probably suffice to balance out that one flaw. Flexibility is a core theme for Eweka, and you can adapt the interface to your own liking with very few limitations. The company’s experience also speaks for itself: it has been on the market for more than 20 years, and this is only one of the reasons why it received a rating of 5 out of 5 stars in my review.



“Eweka stands for quality – and simply erases all interference with its own network.”

5.0 / 5.0 rated by Alyn Smith

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