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These days, you have a great number of options when it comes to Usenet providers. What they all have in common is that they make comprehensive, sometimes even unbelievable promises, boasting of perfect usability, unlimited content and the best speeds technically feasible. But of course, in reality only very few Usenet providers can really deliver on claims as wild as these. Enter Easynews – a company that wants to make Usenet accessible on the go. Why trust my word on the matter? Because I’ve been using Usenet for more than 30 years, and I know every relevant criterion like the back of my hand.


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Advantages and disadvantages of the provider

    • All-in-one service with no software download
    • Pioneering mobile support
    • Allows filtering by file type
    • Unlimited bandwidth with no cap
    • Storage time of more than 4,540 days – equivalent to 12+ years
    • 110 newsgroups available on a wide variety of topics
Easynews Mobilverfügbarkeit

Prices - can I save with an Easynews coupon?

Let’s make things clear from the start: You likely won’t need to spend time looking for an Easynews coupon of any kind, as the prices offered by the provider are more than generous already. Over the course of my Easynews review, I tested every package they have on offer, and I can say with quite some surprise that Easynews has managed to squeeze all its many features and perks into a range comprising just 10 to 15 euros a month.

If you want to try before you buy, you can do that too, no Easynews coupon needed. There is a completely free Easynews trial available on the provider’s website, which grants you up to 50GB of data volume for 14 days. Further saving you unnecessary expenses, the company relies on an all-in-one business model where the subscription includes a VPN and a newsreader client – meaning there is absolutely no need to pay a cent for any third-party software with Easynews. The only major downside is that Easynews requires you to subscribe to a yearly plan, which means high bills up front. Further reducing flexibility is the lack of any block plans or prepaid options.

Try Easynews free for 14 days.

During the sign-up process, Easynews prompts you to select a subscription package that will automatically go active once your free trial ends. During the Easynews trial period, you can use 50GB of Usenet data within 14 days. If you manage to exhaust your data allowance before the end of this period, you can still cancel your trial if you don’t want to continue with the paid subscription.

High-speed network with 110,000 newsgroups

So what sets Easynews apart from the competition? I have done my best to thoroughly analyze just that, and you can read all my findings here on Alynsmith.com. These are the results in brief: Easynews has been able to clearly stand out from the Usenet crowd in the last two years. ThisThis is mainly due to the excellent degree of refinement of the Easynews software. The company’s engineers deserve to be congratulated: Not only have they managed to implement a Usenet solution that is efficient and powerful, but they have also gone beyond what conventional wisdom thought possible by creating an Easynews newsreader that works just as smoothly on a mobile device as on any ordinary PC. Easynews also raises standards when it comes to browser integration. Part of the secret sauce that makes the Easynews newsreader work so well on almost all popular platforms and operating systems is the fact that it is fully integrated into your web browser — but before Easynews, such browser-based newsreaders were mainly considered low-quality alternatives to more expensive, and more usable, premium clients. Easynews shatters this notion completely, offering a no-download newsreader that works just as well, or even better, than the software clients the competition still uses.Over the course of my Easynews review, a technical stat I paid particular attention to was the newsgroup coverage. As claimed, Easynews provides access to about 110,000 different newsgroups. This is not exactly record-setting, and some providers like Usenet.nl are able to offer much more. However, Easynews does feature an excellent retention rate, allowing you to benefit from a large swath of both old and new content from nearly all corners of Usenet.
Easynews VPN-Vorteile

Newsreader selection - the right Easynews download for every device

In this section, we would usually go over all the best Easynews newsreaders, going over compatibility, performance, and prices if applicable. However, the browser-based newsreader bundled with Easynews is a better proposition than any alternative ever could be: It’s included with your Easynews subscription for free, it is compatible with all popular operating systems, and it works better than some of the best we have ever tested. Therefore, we find it unnecessary to recommend anything beyond what already ships with every Easynews login.

FAQ - all Easynews questions answered

Where are the Easynews Servers located?

Easynews operates a network of servers in the USA and multiple European countries. This doesn’t mean that users outside of these locations need to worry, as the Easynews network easily supports global networking. Server memory is upgraded and expanded almost daily, so the Easynews retention time also benefits from steady improvement.

Is Easynews available in German?

Unfortunately, the Easynews website is not available in German as of yet, being only accessible in English. However, this shouldn’t be too big of an issue, as the company has definitely succeeded in making their website and interface accessible to anyone, regardless of experience or English fluency in particular.

How to cancel Easynews?

Easynews customer service is available around the clock, and an account cancellation request can be queried to them very easily. As a matter of principle, I would always recommend sending them a written request via email or using their contact form. You should also take note to request a written confirmation that your account has been cancelled, in order to be on the safe side for the case of any potential misunderstandings.

Is there an Easynews app?

Usually, taking Usenet with you on the go means download some kind of plug-in or extra app for your smartphone. With Easynews however, you can enjoy the luxury of the fully browser-integrated newsreader bundled with your subscription. Just log into Easynews, open up the newsreader from your browser window, and that’s it!

Is Easynews secure?

Easynews is indeed safe and trustworthy. Not only is there full SSL encryption on all connections through this provider, but there is also an integrated VPN for additional privacy and security. And, just by the way: Privacy on Usenet is a big priority in general – there are no intrusive ‘personalized’ ads collecting your data, for example.

Do I need Newsreader software with Easynews?

No downloadable client or software of any kind is necessary when it comes to Easynews. The included Easynews newsreader runs perfectly in all environments, on every operating system, and does the job as well as any alternative could. By offering such high-quality software for free with every Easynews subscription, the company spares their customers from additional costs tremendously well.

Alternatives to Easynews

For sure, there are plenty of Easynews alternatives out there. The question just is, how many of them are really worthwhile for most users? Sure, Prepaid Usenet offers higher flexibility for some thanks to its truly innovative payment model, but Easynews’ most distinguishing feature – the browser-based newsreader compatible with nearly all popular devices and platforms – is missing there. Those who want the highest number of accessible newsgroups for their dollar can take a look at Usenet.nl. With over 200,000 newsgroups available there, it really does leave everything else in the dust. However, Easynews does offer a better retention rate – better than almost anything else on the market right now. And finally, speed demons who prioritize fast downloads can definitely learn to enjoy Giganews, with its 1,000 Mbit/s data packages that convince not just by outright performance, but also by price.

Conclusion: Final words on Easynews

Easynews has been able to prevail against so many others in the Usenet arena for a good reason. Having observed their development over the last couple years, I am pleased to see that the Easynews developers view continuous improvement as a priority. Only two years back, the Easynews client had not been made fully compatible with mobile devices yet – which was perfectly fine, as Usenet was mostly a desktop phenomenon anyway back then. With the quick changes so common in this niche, Easynews decided to adapt as much as they could. In the process, they created a standard-setting newsreader that I can’t recommend enough.

But these are not the only reasons to go for Easynews. It is also the around-the-clock customer service that without a doubt makes for a better overall experience. Pricing is also a great advantage, as Easynews provides a lot of value with their subscriptions, even if it could be a bit more informative for the German market in particular. For example, displaying prices in euros, not merely in US dollars, would be a nice addition. Payment methods are also a bit limited, with only credit cards and PayPal being supported. Only because of these small flaws do I give the provider a rating of 4 stars out of 5 in my Easynews review.


“Easynews simplifies Usenet use immensely thanks to its integrated newsreader.”

4.0 / 5.0 rated by Alyn Smith

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