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There are currently several providers for Usenet access to discover. They all have in common that they make comprehensive promises to you, the user, regarding easy handling, limitless access and best speeds. But in reality, only very few Usenet providers can deliver what they promise. Therefore, I took a closer look at each option and reveal below what the real advantages and disadvantages are. In this case, it’s Easynews – a company that wants to make Usenet accessible on the go. Why I can say more about this? Because I’ve been using Usenet for more than 30 years – and I know the application down to the last detail.


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Advantages and disadvantages of the provider

    • All-in-one service without software download
    • Makes Usenet also mobile accessible
    • Filtering by file type possible
    • Unlimited fast bandwidth with no cap
    • Storage time of more than 4540 days – equivalent to 12+ years
    • 110 newsgroups available on a wide variety of topics
Easynews Mobilverfügbarkeit

The prices - can I save with an Easynews coupon?

First of all, an Easynews coupon is not necessary to get cheap access to the provider. According to my Easynews review, the prices vary just between ten and 15 euros per month, so that the packages are affordable. If you want to get access for free, you can do so without an Easynews coupon: testing the provider is possible for 14 days – and with up to 50GB volume. The company, which has been on the market for more than 20 years, relies on an all-in-one service that includes VPN and newsreader – making it unnecessary to opt for separate and paid newsreader software. The only disadvantage here is that you are tied to a twelve-month term directly with Easynews and cannot use any prepaid offers.

As already mentioned, Easynews does not miss the opportunity to offer a free Easynews login to try it out.

Try Easynews free for 14 days.

During registration for the free trial you can already specify which package the subscription should automatically switch to. An impressive 50GB can be used for free within 14 days if you use the Usenet. If these are used up before the end of the 14 days, the trial period can still be cancelled in time.

High-speed network with 110,000 newsgroups

So what makes Easynews different from other Usenet access points? I have compared on Alynsmith.com and can say: The company has been able to stand out clearly from its competitors in the last two years. This is because: the Easynews software has been developed to such an extent that it can also be used with a smartphone or tablet. Easynews Global Search can also be used with any operating system – and quite simply in the browser. After logging in to Easynews, there is no need to bother with installing a news reader – because it has already been integrated into the browser access. So it could hardly be easier, as I must emphasize at this point.

During my Easynews review, I also noticed that Easynews provides access to 110,000 newsgroups, which doesn’t seem like much compared to providers like Usenet.nl – however, the provider makes perfect use of the retention time to be able to present all old and new content as extensively as possible. Thus, matching search results for the desired content are also integrated, without the need to download another Easynews software.

Easynews VPN-Vorteile

Newsreader selection - the right Easynews download for every device

At this point it must be clarified once again: Easynews makes it possible to operate entirely without downloading any newsreaderEasynews software. This means that there is no need for a separate newsreader, which is often more complex to install and use. The search and filter functions have been integrated directly into the Easynews browser, so that you can start using Usenet after logging in to Easynews – this greatly simplifies the entire handling.

FAQs - all questions about Easynews clarified

Which Easynews servers are used?

Easynews operates with numerous servers in the USA and Europe, but can now also offer global networking. A total of 60 connections have long been made possible here, so that customers benefit from a stable and fastest possible bandwidth. The server memory is expanded almost daily so that the retention time also increases and copies of all binary files can be backed up.

Is Easynews available in German?

Unfortunately, the Easynews website cannot be used in German yet, only in English. However, this is not a big deal, as the company has arranged all functions and applications in an understandable and intuitive way, so that even newcomers should be able to find their way around.

How to cancel Easynews?

The Easynews customer service is available to customers around the clock, so that a cancellation can be carried out extremely easily. At this point, I recommend that you send a written notice of termination via e-mail or contact form. It is also important to request confirmation of the cancellation in order to avoid legal problems.

Is there an Easynews app?

If you want to use Easynews on the go, you don’t need a native app from the provider. It is sufficient to log in via the mobile-optimized website of the company. After logging in to Easynews, no further steps are necessary – you can start using Usenet directly via the browser.

Is Easynews secure?

Easynews is indeed secure and serious: With each of the 60 connections, a modern SSL encryption at the highest level can be used, which protects all data. Since VPN software has also been integrated, security is obviously writ large. By the way: Privacy has a high priority on Usenet – you don’t have to reckon with data-related advertisements, for example.

Is newsreader software needed?

Easynews downloadable software is not needed when it comes to Newsreader. This means that no separate software needs to be selected and installed – nor do you need to become familiar with how to use it. Additional costs are thus completely eliminated.

Alternatives to Easynews

As made clear at the beginning, there are some alternatives to Easynews. However, that doesn’t mean that they are really worthwhile options that are suitable for every need. Easynews, for example, is a very good alternative when it comes to mobile use of Usenet – Prepaid Usenet, for example, cannot offer this application. Those who value a large number of newsgroups can rely on Usenet.nl as an alternative to Easynews. Because: A total of 200,000 newsgroups and more are available here, which is considerable. However, when it comes to retention time, Easynews is one of the best providers in my ranking. In my experience, anyone who wants to enjoy speeds of up to 1,000 Mbit/s can also rely on Giganews – this company has made it its business to provide high-speed Usenet access.

Conclusion: Final words about Easynews

Easynews was able to prevail against numerous Usenet providers for a reason. I have been able to observe the development of the company over the last few years and have been pleased to see that the development team attaches importance to constant improvements. While Easynews could not be applied to mobile two years ago and Usenet was more of a desktop phenomenon, the team has managed to enable mobile usage.

But this is not the only reason to register with Easynews. It is also the round-the-clock customer service that scores points here in the provider comparison. The pricing is also one of the company’s advantages, but it could be a bit more informative for customers from Germany. For example, prices are only displayed in US dollars and payments are only accepted via credit card or PayPal. More choice for German customers with appropriate features would be desirable here, which is why I give the company a rating of 4 out of 5 stars in my Easynews review.


“Easynews simplifies Usenet use immensely thanks to its integrated newsreader.”

4.0 / 5.0 rated by Alyn Smith

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