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Looking for a Usenet provider with numerous advantages and the easiest operation? TweakNews from the Netherlands could quickly make a name for itself in the industry – and not without reason. Long retention times and presentable rates meet access here that is second to none. Find out what the company has to offer – and what pros and cons to expect – in the TweakNews review below. It should be said in advance: The rates include many features that other providers can’t offer – if you’re looking for the best value for money, this is the place to go.
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Advantages and disadvantages of the provider

  • Unlimited data volume possible
  • Choose between subscriptions and prepaid plans
  • Full payment flexibility
  • High security thanks to 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Free VPN software possible
– Hardly any information about your own company revealed

The prices - can I save with a TweakNews coupon?

First of all, TweakNews offers rates that are suitable for every budget. Flexibility is a top priority here, as you can see at first glance. Without a TweakNews coupon, it is possible to start with small amounts. Just under eight to ten euros can be due if you decide on one of the subscriptions here. The highlight here is that TweakNews allows you to choose between running times of one, six and twelve months. This way, you are not tied to an annual subscription if you decide to go elsewhere in the meantime and stop using Usenet. Overall, this means less financial risk. One thing should be clear, however: If you opt for a shorter term, you will usually also have to reckon with higher costs per month. The longer the chosen term, the lower the prices – even without a TweakNews coupon.

However, TweakNews does not stop with these rates. There are still five so-called block subscriptions to discover here, which are more reminiscent of prepaid access. With these, you purchase a certain data volume at a fixed price. Once this is used up, no further payment is due in the next month, but only when you decide to purchase another package. This option is ideal for anyone who wants to retain full control over their costs or generally not be tied to a subscription. The downside here is that the download speed is limited to 100 Mbit/s. Also, no TweakNews VPN software is included in the packages, so you have to do without an important point. However, SSL encryption is included in all packages of this type.

TweakNews Prepaid Pakete
Good news is that TweakNews also allows you to try out the software for free. As you can see from my reviews on, almost every provider allows the free use of their own services, so that customers can first convince themselves. While usually only 10GB or a maximum of 30GB are provided free of charge, TweakNews is characterized by a generous data volume during the test period.

Try it out for free for 10 days.

If you want to try out the software for free and see for yourself, you can make use of up to 50GB data volume for ten days here. This is considerable in comparison – among other things, because the trial version enables high-speed access.

Try it out for free for 10 days.Another highlight of this category is that six different payment methods can be used when choosing one of the tariffs. This allows customers full flexibility and is important to avoid being limited when choosing a rate. By comparison, the provider Newshosting only allows two different payment methods, which not every customer has access to – so TweakNews holds a significant advantage here. The Usenet provider’s payment methods include:
This covers all important payment methods, in my opinion. After all, everyone should have a bank account, while this does not necessarily have to be the case with the credit card or the service provider PayPal.

High-speed network of independent type

So what distinguishes TweakNews from other Usenet providers? I took a closer look at everything in the course of my TweakNews review and can say: The provider relies on a very good TweakNews retention, or retention time. As a customer, you can expect a retention time of 4,200 days, which is more than eleven years. This means that old and new data is stored here in equal measure, so that billions of articles are available to you and you don’t have to do without any content. But that’s not all: TweakNews always invests large sums of money to expand precisely this server storage. This is an important quality feature for top providers.

What else makes the provider stand out positively? Firstly, the high-speed access is not throttled when a certain amount of data is exceeded – the data volume itself is also not limited in the Premium rate. This gives customers who spend a lot of time on Usenet and want to download some content an important advantage. The only drawback is that the website does not state how many newsgroups can be accessed with the software. So a disadvantage could be hidden here.
TweakNews Retention

Newsreader selection - the right TweakNews download for each device.

Those who decide to use TweakNews can choose from four different newsreader software. Three of them are free to download, while one variant represents a paid alternative. Your options here include the Newsreader Grabit and SABnzbd, as well as Unison or even Newsbin Pro. The latter is a paid newsreader that is supposed to be very suitable for advanced users. But which software suits your device and operating system best?
  • Grabit: Simple and easy-to-use software for MAC OS and Windows
  • SABnzbd: With advanced features for Windows, Linux and MAC OS alike
  • Unison: Advanced program for MAC OS
  • Newsbin Pro: Newsbin Pro is suitable for advanced users with Windows devices
  • .
Although Newsbin Pro is not free, the newsreader can at least be tried out for free – for 14 days. So it is definitely possible to get a more detailed picture of the programs before making a final decision. By the way: TweakNews can also be used with other newsreaders, if you want to choose another software. However, there may be additional costs in this case as well. Also the TweakNews login is then not necessarily also usable for the newsreader.

TweakNews customer support at a glance

The company’s customer service has also proven to be very advantageous in my TweakNews. Because: This is in four different languages available and can thus help each customer best. Whether in English, French, Dutch or German – anyone with questions or concerns can contact the team at any time. However, this is only possible via the contact form on the website or the e-mail address [email protected] There is also a comprehensive FAQ section to be discovered on the website, which helps in advance. This allows the company to stand out particularly well from its competitors on the market, in my opinion.
Gründe für TweakNews

FAQs - all questions about TweakNews answered

Does TweakNews offer VPN access?

In fact, TweakNews has VPN ready. However, the VPN software is only included in the Premium plan and cannot be used via the other packages as well as the Block offers. Those who value VPN should therefore not do without the provider’s premium tariff. This offers the company’s full services, such as unlimited data volume and full surfing speed.

Ist TweakNews illegal?

No, TweakNews is a completely legal company from the Netherlands that has been active on the market for quite some time. The provider delivers access to Usenet and can therefore be compared to an Internet provider of the classic kind.

How to cancel TweakNews?

If you want to cancel TweakNews during the trial phase, you should definitely do so while you still have sufficient data volume. Because: Once this is used up, the trial phase automatically turns into a subscription. It is also important to remember that the cancellation must take place within the ten-day trial period so that you are spared subsequent costs. The cancellation must be submitted in writing – it is best to ask for sending confirmation of cancellation at the same time.

Which Usenet software to use?

Which TweakNews newsreader you should choose depends entirely on your operating system and your experience with Usenet. You want to enjoy easy handling and use a clearly arranged platform? Then the Newsreader Grabit is definitely recommended. This is also a free newsreader, so you don’t have to bear any additional burdens.

Is TweakNews safe?

TweakNews works with 256-bit SSL encryption, which protects your data in the best possible way. Advertising and tracking are not found on Usenet, so you can generally expect more privacy here. With the premium package from the Usenet provider, you also get full access to Zero-Log TweakNews VPN software, so you can protect yourself even better. For all these reasons, the company from the Netherlands can be considered reputable and safe.

Is one TweakNews login enough for all software?

In fact, you can also use your TweakNews login details for the newsreader, provided it is one of the three free options. However, if you decide to use the Newsbin Pro newsreader, you will have to create a separate account here, which takes more time and effort.

How can I change TweakNews login data?

If you have forgotten your password or would like to change your TweakNews login details in general, this is possible via the support page of the provider. Here, you simply enter your email address to receive a link to renew your password. Otherwise, you can also directly contact the company’s customer service, which in my experience quickly takes care of your concerns. The staff has proven to be always friendly and courteous when it comes to concerns or problems.
Geschwindigkeit bei TweakNews

Alternatives to TweakNews

If you are looking for a Usenet provider that can keep up with TweakNews Retention, there are several alternatives. One is the provider Usenext, which has a ten-year retention period and keeps investing in new storage space, so it will remain one of the top companies in the future. On the other hand, the provider Eweka offers even more retention time than TweakNews with 4,540 days retention. Whichever provider you ultimately choose, both companies offer numerous advantages that make them top providers in my ranking.
Are you rather looking for a company that provides you with access to as many newsgroups as possible and clearly states this? This is only understandable, because TweakNews itself hardly provides any information on this. As an alternative, the providers with over 220,000 newsgroups and Usenext with over 200,000 newsgroups come into question for you. While is also a Dutch company, Usenext is somewhat better known worldwide and can boast six of its own servers in Europe and the USA. Both providers have in common that they use 256-bit SSL encryption and offer more than ten years retention – and are thus on the same wavelength as TweakNews. So you don’t have to make any compromises with the alternatives.

Conclusion: Final words about TweakNews

In conclusion, what can I say about TweakNews? First of all, the provider makes itself known with some advantages like the flexible rates and payment options. The company also scores with the fact that it has taken care of a very good customer service and also answers common questions on its own website. The fact that VPN software, news readers and SSL encryption are included in some of the rates also speaks in favor of TweakNews.

However, TweakNews also has small but important disadvantages. For example, the website does not state how many newsgroups can be found after logging in – the information content is also somewhat confusingly arranged at one point or another. Newcomers do not immediately get to grips with TweakNews, which can certainly be improved in the future. However, because these are minor issues and the provider otherwise provides a comprehensive service, I can award four out of five stars at this point.

“TweakNews should be more in focus simply because of the good retention time.”

4.0 / 5.0 rated by Alyn Smith

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