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Looking for a newsreader for the best possible Usenet access? Momentum Plus may be the right choice if you want a modern user interface with lots of features and specifics. I took a closer look at the software and reveal below what caught my eye. Because: There are a lot of reasons to choose Momentum Download. So it’s no wonder that Momentum Plus is one of the most popular newsreaders in the industry.

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Momentum Plus Download: Compatible with these operating systems

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux as of Ubuntu

Features & functions with the Momentum Client

In my experience, Momentum Plus comes with a large variety of functions and features. Those who like to personalize their user interface can use it in “Dark Mode” , for example. This means that the window is displayed in black and thus looks even more modern. However, the look is not the only thing that distinguishes the Momentum Plus software.
For example, it can be downloaded free of charge, which is one of the company’s strengths. It also enables high-speed searches according to a wide range of criteria and filters, so that the content can be sorted optimally. Parallel downloads increase convenience, while the intuitive handling should also appeal to beginners. You can even save favorites and use a preview to the content to get an even better overview.
However, the Momentum client has even more features ready, which I would like to briefly discuss here. These include after the Momentum download, for example:
  1. Intelligent filters
  2. High-speed search
  3. Live feed in the interface
  4. Ratings can be written
  5. Info tabs with meta data
  6. NZB files are supported
  7. Bandwidth can be limited
  8. Sidebar
The wealth of functions after the Momentum download could hardly be more versatile, in my opinion. While other software manufacturers only pay attention to the bare essentials, Momentum puts usability and comfort for you in the foreground.

Holmez alternative wanted? These options make sense

Pros and cons of the software



Numerous features
All files are supported
Parallel downloads
Intuitive handling
Customizable interface
Usable with many Usenet providers
Frequent updates needed
Basically, there are no disadvantages to mention about Momentum. The fact that there are frequent updates to the software is an advantage. This ensures that the Momentum client always worksoptimally and runs smoothly. Otherwise, there are no other disadvantages to be found, such as those of other newsreaders: While other providers often only cover the bare necessities, Momentum has truly taken care of all conceivable features.
Momentum Plus Dark Mode
Dark Mode provides a customized user interface in black, which definitely appears more visually stimulating and different from other newsreaders.

Looking for a Momentum Alternative? These options make sense

It is quite difficult to find a good momentum alternative in the market. Why? Because the newsreader itself has already been designed so extensively and can convince with many advantages that at first glance no other software can keep up. If you still want to choose another newsreader, you can go to Grabit as a Momentum alternative, for example. The software is not only suitable for the same operating systems, but is also free of charge. Also, the Momentum download works just like the Grabit variant – because the downloading of the files can take place in parallel. Another common feature is that both newsreaders can be used for a similar number of providers.

Another Momentum alternative can be Tangysoft – however, this newsreader is considered rather outdated and only covers the most important functions, so you should not expect anything special. Also, this software does not support any NZB files, so you have to plan for cutbacks here. Unfortunately, the interface itself looks anything but modern and cannot be customized to your own preferences, which Momentum Plus has implemented a bit better. Therefore, I would recommend at this point to first get to grips with the Momentum download and the numerous features of the software, instead of looking for another newsreader.

My conclusion on Momentum Plus

In conclusion, what can I say about Momentum Plus as a newsreader for the various Usenet providers? First of all, the software scores with numerous functions that other newsreaders have not yet added to their portfolio: Favorites, live feeds and intelligent filters are very rarely part of the equipment when you look around among the freewares. Also, the fact that this variety of functions is available completely free of charge is to be noted as very positive on my part. With all the functions, some users may think that Momentum Plus is more suitable for Usenet professionals – but I can deny this. Beginners will get along just as well as experienced Usenet users. Precisely because of the intuitive interface, everyone can benefit equally from the newsreader. For me, this is reason enough to recommend the software without reservation.

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