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When it comes to top-flight Usenet providers, Giganews is often found near the top of many a customer’s lists these days. If their reputation is to be believed, Giganews offers one of the highest-quality user experiences in the Usenet niche, for a price to match. Of course, words alone don’t mean anything, and so I decided to take a closer look in this exclusive Giganews review and find out if the company can really deliver. I’ll say it right away: Their customer service is stellar, and the Giganews retention rate is absolutely second to none.


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Advantages and disadvantages of the provider

  • Over 17 years of content retention
  • Customer service is active around the clock
  • VyprVPN is included with all packages
  • Unlimited surfing and download speeds
  • Unlimited data volume included in all packages

– Only one newsreader available free of charge

Prices - Can I Save With a Giganews coupon?

Giganews is not exactly known as one of the most affordable Usenet providers in the industry – far from it, in fact. However, I would like to point out that this is actually farther from reality than you might think. All Giganews packages can be had for less than ten US dollars, which is about on par with other top providers that I have reviewed here on All in all, I doubt that most would benefit from, or even need any kind of Giganews coupon in order to reap the full benefits of this provider’s offerings. Now, let’s talk hard numbers. With rates topping out at $9.99USD, this provider features just as many budget-friendly options as most competitors. One unique advantage, though, is that you can freely select your subscription’s runtime between six, or alternatively twelve months. If you pick the latter option, you will pay a reduced rate of just $8.33USD per month – this constitutes savings of up to 15 percent in the long run. Different advantages can be had depending on what package you choose.

It’s always particularly convenient to try before you buy, and with Usenet providers it’s no different. As the quality of a provider can often be told clearly from the quality of their free trial, there’s no good reason not to delve into the details of Giganews’ free demo policy below.

14-day full service trial

Those who wish to try out Giganews can do so for 14 days after initially signing up for an account with the provider. It’s worth noting that you get entirely unlimited data during the free trial period; download speeds are not throttled either. Once the 14 days expire – assuming you haven’t manually cancelled your trial account up till that point – the free demo is automatically converted into a paid subscription.

By the way: I am always one to laud providers where they deserve it for offering their customers flexibility in terms of payment methods – Giganews is definitely one of those. You can choose between a total of eight different options, which includes common credit cards such as VISA and Mastercard, but also:
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • VISA Electron
  • Eurocard
  • Mastercard International Debit
  • VISA International Debit
All in all, the provider makes a very good impression in this category, in my opinion. You won’t need a Giganews coupon to be able to afford these rates even with a rather limited budget. And additionally, the provider makes sure that you can pay for your subscription with whatever method works best for you.
Giganews Vorteile

High-speed network with 110,000 newsgroups

So, what really is the essence of the Giganews service – and how does it differ from the rest of the industry? A first look at the technical specs will reveal that a Giganews account gives you access to 110,000 newsgroups. This is a bit low compared to some Usenet heavyweights, as Usenext, to name one example, manages to support almost twice that number, around 200,000 newsgroups. Giganews still scores in other ways: For one, their text retention rate of 17 years. This runs circles around what you will get anywhere else – by at least five years. Meanwhile, with binaries, you get up to three years of retention. It is worth noting that both of these numbers are continuously expanded thanks to immense investments on the side of Giganews into their own server infrastructure.

What else is worth knowing about Giganews? How about their dedication to providing bulletproof connections with no downtimes? Giganews manages this thanks to its advanced four-server network, placed throughout Europe and North America, which facilitates connections with some of the largest ISPs worldwide. Giganews servers use proprietary software designed for maximum speed – so long load times are not a thing to worry about here. Using upstream routing, a fail-safe backbone infrastructure, and top-flight networking tech, the provider ensures flawless, high-quality Usenet access for everyone.

Newsreader Selection - Only One Giganews Download Included for Free

With any Usenet provider also comes along the choice of appropriate newsreader. Often, high-quality providers give you free access to a variety of newsreader clients for different operating systems, making the choice a bit easier depending on your system specs and your needs. Giganews, on the other hand, only ships with the newsreader Mimo, which is not exactly one of the most prominent programs on the market. What’s special about it? First of all, Mimo allows for easy searching and filtering and simplifies downloads thanks to a very user-friendly interface. NZB files can be imported with ease, and posting your own content is also made simple. So far, so good – but unfortunately, Mimo is only compatible with Windows and MAC OS devices, so Linux users come up a bit short. Mobile customers will also need to look for an alternative, as their platforms aren’t supported by Mimo either.
Depending on your specs, it might therefore be necessary to find and install a third-party newsreader that is compatible with your operating system in case that the default option offered by Giganews doesn’t work for you. This may well incur additional costs, so take care not to necessarily see the Giganews rates quoted on their website as a guarantee of the net price. You won’t be able to use your Giganews login details with unsupported newsreader clients either, so you will have to create a new account.
Giganews Service

FAQs - All Giganews Questions Answered

What is the Giganews Accelerator? 

The Giganews Accelerator is a software tool that provides full 256-bit SSL encryption for your connection irrespective of which newsreader you are using. The Giganews Accelerator also includes a handy tool for compressing headlines. This allows for downloading headlines at up to ten times the default speed.

What to do if Giganews is slow? 

First, it’s recommended to check if any speed limits were set via the Giganews Accelerator. Thankfully, this can be remedied with a single click of the mouse. For utilizing your connection in the best possible way via the accelerator, the default server address should also be changed from “localhost” to “119”. If none of this helps, you should probably contact customer service.

How to cancel Giganews? 

Those who wish to cancel Giganews can close their account with the provider – in which case they will only have to pay for as long as the subscription period was selected. On the other hand, a letter of cancellation can also be drafted and submitted to customer service via the contact form or chat. In both cases, you can expect customer service to get back to you after about ten minutes – if you have requested a confirmation of cancellation, this will be sent to you.

Is Giganews secure? 

Giganews is a completely secure Usenet provider as far as I am concerned. Why? Because the provider works with modern SSL encryption, but also integrates VPN software into its offering. Either way: Your data is absolutely safe here, but your privacy is also protected in the best possible way.

Is a Giganews Bitcoin payment possible? 

Currently, in my experience, no Giganews Bitcoin payment is available. However, the provider lets you choose from eight different payment methods, as I explain in my Giganews review. These cover all major financial service providers and major credit cards, so flexibility can definitely be enjoyed.

Giganews Banner

Alternatives to Giganews

If Giganews doesn’t quite meet your expectations, there are many alternatives to fall back on. For example, there is Usenext, which provides access to more than 200,000 newsgroups. Six years younger than Giganews, it operates six of its own servers in Europe and the USA. Here, too, a highly competent customer support team is there to assist you with any type of inquiry, similar to the kind of service you would get from Giganews. Another good alternative is Eweka – an EU-based company with proprietary servers and a unique newsreader designed in-house.

Conclusion: Final Words About Giganews

So, in conclusion, what can I say about Giganews? All in all, this is a provider that offers excellent, all-inclusive subscription packages. From the included VPN to the unlimited data included in all plans, everything that you could want from a provider is there. The rates are also impressive, if I can say so. Why’s that? Because not only do they keep up with current market trends, but above all they provide genuinely unlimited access – and still they allow you to freely select the runtime of your subscription. As Giganews also scores highly thanks to their impressive customer service, and because of the 17 years of retention they have managed to squeeze out of their server hardware, I feel justified in giving it four out of five stars. The only major drawback worth mentioning: The lackluster newsreader selection, which leaves some users simply uncared-for.


“With Giganews, the rates and limitless data volume are something to behold.”

4.0 / 5.0 rated by Alyn Smith

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