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Those who want to benefit from Usenet as an alternative to the ubiquitous Internet can enjoy numerous advantages such as uncensored content, higher privacy, and complete freedom from advertising. But in order to reap all these benefits, you need to have a good connection, and just as with the Internet, these don’t come for free. The vast sea of Usenet providers exists precisely for this reason; to give users from all walks of life and experience levels a good shot at enjoying Usenet. These providers often boast of being the best at some particular aspect of Usenet performance, whether that be retention rates, download speeds, or privacy – but of course, not all of them can live up to their promises. What a good reason for me to share my experiences with each and every one of them. So, what is there to say about Usenext – and could they possibly be one of those providers that manage to practice what they preach?


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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Provider

  • More than 15 years’ experience in the market
  • Stable and lightning fast connection
  • Available in six languages
  • Continuous increase in lead time
  • Rated as very good by numerous computer magazines
– Support not available 24/7

Prices - Can You Save With a Usenext Coupon?

In my Usenext experience as part of this review, one thing stuck out immediately: Usenext not only offers 12-month subscriptions billed on a yearly basis, but also plans with a commitment of as little as one month. So, if you are not entirely sure whether Usenext is right for you, you can easily get a better view of things with the help of this short monthly plan, or the trial package – more on this in a minute. If Usenext does not convince you after trying it out, there are quite a few top-rated alternatives, my reviews of which you can find right here on Even for lighter budgets or humble data requirements, the overall performance here is, in my opinion, nothing but top-notch.

One major advantage of Usenext is that all plans, even the short-term subscriptions, include a VPN built-in, and you can benefit from the highest download speeds their servers can handle without having to pay extra. Only data volume scales by price, so you do need to take that into account.

If you still can’t quite make up your mind, this is where that trial period comes in. By offering a free demo, this Usenet provider allows you to make your own impressions of all of Usenext’s qualities that are important to you without having to financially commit right away. According to my own Usenext experience, you should definitely feel free to consider any of their various plans, as the included VPN means great value no matter which you choose, and all prices are communicated in a transparent, black-on-white manner, so there is no need to fear accidentally catching a bad deal.

Free 14-day trial period

If you follow my own link below for the free Usenext trial package, you can not only look forward to 14 days of unrestricted Usenet surfing, but a whopping 30 days. Additionally, you won’t just have 10GB of free data volume at your disposal, but as much as 30GB. It should go without saying that this blows the competition entirely out of the water when it comes to their free trial offerings. What’s more, no Usenext coupon is necessary to take advantage of this offer. Remember: If you decide Usenext is not for you, remember to cancel your free trial in time! Otherwise, you might be automatically subscribed to a paid plan.

High-Speed Network With Around 200,000 Newsgroups

What sets Usenext apart from other providers today? First of all, they are fully committed to continuously improving their hardware and performance. Retention time is where this is most obvious; if you have been paying attention for the past few years, you have definitely noticed how Usenext’s claimed retention numbers have been only rising and rising, meaning more high-quality content for you with time, at absolutely no additional cost whatsoever. On other metrics, they perform great as well: Currently, over 200,000 newsgroups can be accessed via the Usenext newsreader, which is definitely as good as you will find anywhere these days. And to top it off, Usenext has managed to further polish their reputation by being one of the first top Usenet providers, and one of the most attractively-priced, to offer a fully-integrated free VPN service with every subscription.

Newsreader selection - the right Usenext download for any device

While some pioneering providers, Easynews chiefly among them, have started to turn traditional ideas on their heads by fully integrating all newsreader functions into a browser-based platform, making downloads unnecessary and meaning everything you need for Usenet access is included in your subscription, Usenext still runs on a more traditional model.Usenext does give you some choice with regards to the newsreader client you pick, and offers a range covering nearly all popular devices and operating systems. The available clients are:
  • com for Windows, MAC OS, and Linux
  • Momentum for Windows, MAC OS, and Linux
  • Phantom for Windows
  • Unison for MAC OS
  • SABnzbd for Linux
Usenext Testangebot

While this selection makes it seems as though Usenext entirely forgot about mobile platforms, this is not the case. For example, the newsreader Holmez, among others, is fully compatible with the Usenext suite and runs perfectly on iOS and Android devices. It should be noted that this provider does not force you to create additional Usenext login data if you would like to access Usenet across different platforms – all supported newsreaders run through the same unified Usenext account, via the same credentials you chose during the sign-up process.

FAQs - all questions about Usenext answered

Is Usenext available on mobile?

Usenext runs flawlessly on mobile devices thanks to full compatibility with newsreaders such as Holmez. You only need to remember one Usenext login for all your devices, so the frustration of messing up passwords as you switch from your phone to the PC won’t be an issue. Since their founding in 2004, Usenext has taken consistent care to attract and support a steady mobile user base, even back when this was not common at all on Usenet.

Is Usenext illegal?

Usenext is not illegal. Why? Because it is a provider similar to a telecommunications provider and only provides secure access to Usenet. File transfers are protected, while privacy can also be preserved in the best possible way.

How to cancel Usenext?

If you are not satisfied with Usenext and would like to delete or cancel your Usenext account, you can do so via their contact form. In my Usenext experience, and as a general rule, I would always recommend to request a written statement of cancellation to be on the safe side of things.

Which Usenet software to use?

With Usenext you have a choice between a number of newsreaders. Between them, they make Usenext compatible with nearly all platforms, including mobile devices. If this sounds a bit overly complicated, don’t fret: Usenext guides you through the right choice for your own requirements on their website.

Is Usenext safe?

Usenext heavily prioritizes security. This is why they have implemented 256-bit SSL encryption throughout their servers, and as mentioned before, every Usenext subscription includes a free VPN as well. In simple terms, this means carefree surfing with the best privacy and security that money can buy today.

Does Usenext Throttle Your Connection?

No. According to my own Usenext experience, Usenext lets you surf, download and upload freely at speeds of up to 800 Mbit/s. There are no exceptions to this, and the provider never throttles or caps your connection. Thanks to its network of six servers spread across multiple continents, downtime or bandwidth issues are practically non-existent as well.

Usenext Angebot

Alternatives to Usenext

There are some great alternatives to Usenext, many of which I have already reviewed. One worth mentioning is Prepaid Usenet. This unique provider allows you to pay by the gigabyte, ensuring you don’t waste a single cent on your data usage. This flexibility compared to subscription-based services makes them an amazing choice for those who like to exercise control over their expenses. On the other hand, Easynews, another top Usenet provider, offers a subscription-only service featuring a unique loyalty program for collecting additional data volume over time. Through my Usenet reviews, you can decide for yourself which of these best meet your needs.

Conclusion: Final words about Usenext

Usenext gets 4.5 out of 5 stars from me. Why? Because this is one provider that prioritizes their customers, period. From high security to the great newsreader selection and top retention times, everything that you could ask for is taken into account here. It doesn’t hurt that the Usenext subscriptions are all more than reasonably priced. The included software client is easy to use and never gets in the way. All in all, I can recommend Usenext wholeheartedly, in large parts due to the excellent mobile support and the extremely generous free trial including 30GB of data for 30 days.


“Usenext is one of the best options on the market in my opinion.”

4.5 / 5.0 rated by Alyn Smith

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