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Those who want to use Usenet as an alternative to the widely known Internet can enjoy numerous advantages such as freedom from advertising and uncensored content. But to be able to view the latter, you need good Usenet access. Various Usenet providers have already committed themselves to providing customers with the best possible access to the wealth of topics, news and more – but not all of them can keep their promises. A reason for me to share my experiences with each company. So what is there to say about Usenext – and could the provider rank very highly?


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Advantages and disadvantages of the provider

  • More than 15 years experience in the market
  • Stable and lightning fast connection
  • Available in six languages
  • Continuous increase in lead time
  • Rated as very good by numerous computer magazines

– Support not available 24/7

The prices - can I save with a Usenext coupon?

According to my Usenext experience, there is a very important advantage right from the start: Usenext not only offers rates with a 12-month term, but also packages with only a one-month commitment. So, if you are not sure whether Usenext is the right access for your own surfing experience, you can get a more accurate picture with the help of the trial period or monthly package. If Usenext does not meet the own taste, suitable alternatives of my rankings can be found on Even for the smaller budget or short surfing experience is well catered for with the variety of tariffs, in my opinion.
The advantage here is that all rates already include VPN and come with best download speed daherkommen, so you only have to look for the data volume and your own budget. If you don’t want to commit for twelve months, you can choose from these options at Usenext:
If you can’t quite make up your mind, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. With a test period, this Usenet provider also allows you to get your own impression of important features such as handling and co. According to my Usenext experience, however, all rates are worth looking at, since no VPN software needs to be booked and all costs are stated transparently.

Free 14 days trial period.

Whoever gets to the test package via my link can not only look forward to 14 days of free trial period, but a whole 30 days. In addition, there is also not 10GB data volume for free, but a whopping 30GB. No Usenext coupon is needed to take advantage of this offer. This allows you to spend even more time trying out all the features of the provider. In order to prevent the trial period from turning into an automatic subscription, you should not forget to cancel the contract if you do not like it.

High-speed network around 200,000 newsgroups

What distinguishes Usenext from other Usenet accesses? First of all, this is a provider that takes care of constantly improving the retention time. The so-called retention time is constantly being increased and is now more than ten years, so old articles can be found here in abundance. New information is, of course, widely available – which is why the company pays attention to the full range of possibilities here as well. Over 200,000 newsgroups can be used in the process to really shed light on every interesting topic. Usenext has made a name for itself with the fact that no separate Usenext software needs to be downloaded or purchased for VPN – this is already included.

Newsreader selection - the right Usenext download for any device

While providers like Easynews already do without a download of separate software and have already integrated newsreader, search functions and finder into their own platform, this is not the case with Usenext software. Here, a Usenext download of the desired newsreader that best fits one’s device and operating system must still take place. The available newsreaders include here:
  • com for Windows, MAC OS and Linux
  • Momentum for Windows, MAC OS and Linux
  • Phantom for Windows
  • Unison for MAC OS
  • SABnzbd for Linux
Usenext Testangebot
According to my Usenext experience, the mobile Usenet pleasure is definitely not neglected. The newsreader, among others, is known for enabling mobile access – for iOS and Android users, for example. Another plus point is that here you can choose from a total of five Usenext software variants to make the right Usenext download in terms of newsreader. Also, only one Usenext login user data is required to access Usenet – no new account needs to be created for the newsreaders.

FAQs - all questions about Usenext answered

Is Usenext available on mobile?

In fact, Usenext can be used on mobile devices thanks to software from and more. Only one Usenext login is needed for all access, so you can’t mess with passwords. The company, which was founded in 2004, took care early on to bring mobile customers on board as well.

Is Usenext illegal?

Usenext is not illegal. Why? Because it is a provider similar to a telecommunication provider and only provides secure access to Usenet. File transfer is protected, while privacy can also be preserved in the best possible way.

How to cancel Usenext?

If you are not satisfied with Usenext and would like to delete or cancel your Usenext login, you can do so via the contact form or live chat. The latter is not yet available at the company, so there is only one option left. According to my Usenext experience, it is important to get a cancellation confirmation.

Which Usenet software to use?

With Usenext you have the choice between several newsreaders. These depend on the operating system and whether you want also mobile access. But don’t worry: Usenext automatically suggests on the website which Usenext software fits your device.

Is Usenext safe?

Usenext has put security in focus. Thus, a 256-bit SSL encryption is used here, and VPN software is included free of charge in every tariff. Thus, the own data can be protected, but there is also no tracking. Undisturbed surfing of a carefree nature can be realized in the best way.

Is there any Usenext throttling of the speed?

No. According to my Usenext experience, you can surf, download and upload at up to 800 Mbit/s. The speed is not reduced and is consistently fast, as the provider works with six of its own servers on different continents to provide top-notch bandwidth.
Usenext Angebot

Alternatives to Usenext

There are good alternatives to Usenext on the market, which I have also already examined. One example: Prepaid Usenet. Here it is possible to surf with prepaid credit instead of subscriptions. Easynews, on the other hand, only offers subscriptions, but keeps a loyalty program for collecting additional data volume. Through my comparison, you can better decide for yourself which providers best meet your needs.

Conclusion: Final words about Usenext

Usenext gets 4.5 out of 5 stars from me. Why? Because this is a provider that prioritizes customer benefits. From security to available newsreaders and content retention time, everything that customers pay close attention to is taken into account here. Also, the prices and choices around the rates are quite respectable, in my opinion. The platform and software itself is easy to use and should not get in the way of your own plans. All in all, Usenext can be recommended all around because of the mobile availability and the generous test period of 30 days with 30GB.

“Usenext is one of the best options on the market in my opinion.”

4.5 / 5.0 rated by Alyn Smith

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