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Looking for an alternative to the Internet? he Usenet, founded as an independent alternative in 1979 by a group of computer science students, is available to anyone regardless of geographical location or hardware. In order to gain access to the Usenet, you need to sign up with a provider, like for example. The abundance of providers these days makes it a great challenge to choose the right one however. To make matters even harder for the uninitiated, essential features such as download speed and bandwidth can vary extremely between individual Usenet providers. It is therefore all the more important to familiarize yourself with your options in advance – my experiences and assessments are intended to help with this on Let me say in advance: has a definite edge over the competition in a number of ways


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Advantages and disadvantages of the provider

  • 3,800 days of retention time – equivalent to more than 10 years of storage
  • Can be tested for free for two weeks
  • More than 200,000 newsgroups available
  • 5 server locations for stable and fastest connections
  • 256-bit SSL encryption for absolute data security

    – Only two different data plans
    – Customer support not available via live chat Webseitenausschnitt

Prices - Can I save with a coupon? lets you choose between two subscription plans. While this does not leave you with an abundance of options, the prices are quite generous, so you won’t have to resort to a coupon in order to be able to afford an account with this provider. Our own experience shows that those who will only be on the Usenet sparingly will greatly appreciate the ‘Relax’ package, which includes up to 35 GB of data volume at high speeds. The ‘Compact’ plan, however, offers a more luxurious experience with greater allowances on data volume, and is billed monthly for added flexibility. Part of that flexibility also comes from the free SpyOff VPN, which is not included with the ‘Relax’ plan.

The fact that only two different plans are available is also an advantage to a certain extent. This is because, particularly from a beginner’s perspective, your options remain manageable, and thus choosing your desired plan doesn’t have to be a complicated affair.

Test 14 days for free

Good news is that the software can be tried out for two weeks for free without any coupon at all. Here 10GB volume with full bandwidth is available, as well as a free newsreader. Within the biweekly time window, your trial can be canceled at any time; otherwise you are automatically subscribed to the Relax plan.


Independent High-speed network with over 200,000 newsgroups​

The main difference between Usenet and the Internet (formerly Arpanet) is that the former is strictly uncensored and decentralized. The Arpanet, by contrast, was a closed, heavily monitored information network run by the American Department of Defense. As a result, many traces of design decisions made decades ago by military chiefs can still be found in the fabric of the Internet we use today, and this continues to restrict free exchange of information worldwide. Usenet inherently lacks these qualities, as it was founded as a freer, independent alternative to the Arpanet to begin with., with over 200,000 newsgroups, provides access to a whole range of articles that can only be found on Usenet. Those who opt for the Compact package can also access Usenet anonymously and protect their privacy. One particular advantage worth noting is that there are also no ads or pop-ups of any kind on Usenet. Whereas the Internet has become increasingly commercialized with time, Usenet prides itself on being free of any such influences, allowing you to not just surf without distractions, but also ensuring that search results will not be biased in favor of what big companies might want you to click on. makes a particularly good impression because of its extraordinarily stable connection, compared to traditional Internet providers as well as Usenet competitors. This is possible thanks to a series of five, globally-located servers that are owned and maintained by directly. The hardware underpinning these is consistently upgraded to keep up with developments in technology – where up till recently, used to quote 3,500 days as their maximum retention rate, today it is already standing at 3,800 days.

Newsreader selection - the right download for each device

Like most providers these days, does not develop their own newsreader in-house, instead offering you a selection of third-party products on their website. So, when it comes to newsreader software, what choices do you have? The total numbers four different newsreaders, each with their own perks, advantages and disadvantages that make them perfect choices for their individual target demographics. Available are:

  • Momentum: Suitable for Linux, Mac OS and Windows
  • com: Compatible with all major operating systems, including iOS and Android
  • Tangysoft: Tangysoft is only available for Windows PCs
  • SABnzb: Only available for Linux

Access to all these newsreaders is given free of charge as soon as you have signed up and finished your download, which gives the provider a definite edge over some others. Those for whom the four default options are not enough can also plug in any other third-party newsreader client of their choice. This flexibility is yet another advantage of the software over others in the same segment.

Die Newsreader-Installation

FAQs - all questions about answered

What is is a Usenet provider headquartered in San Marino which offers affordable Usenet access via its own dedicated servers. All that is needed to surf Usenet with this provider is creating an account online and selecting and installing an appropriate newsreader from the download section. All that is needed to surf Usenet with this provider is creating an account online and selecting and installing an appropriate newsreader from the download section. The required software is free of charge in itself, so that paying for your subscription is the only expense worth taking into consideration.

Is illegal?

No. The software is completely legal and can be compared to any telecommunications service provider that provides access to the Internet. Usenet can be used by anyone completely legally. In my experience, it is a reputable and secure provider.

How to cancel

From my own experience, it generally suffices to submit your cancellation request to the company via any of the usual means: by phone, e-mail, in writing, or via the contact form you will find within the contact section of their website. As a precaution to avoid the possibility of false charges being placed on your card, I would recommend to also request a confirmation of the account cancellation and save copies of all relevant communication between you and If you decide to request a cancellation by phone, you should contact them a second time in writing just to make sure.

Is safe? software is absolutely reputable and secure: with the help of 256-bit SSL encryption all data is protected, while a VPN is also available for additional privacy and security.

Is one login enough for all software?

According to my experience, only one data set is required for the login. The access data can be used with all newsreaders and also alternative softwares, which simplifies the handling particularly strongly and also enables newcomers. This also makes it easier to change a forgotten password after the download.

Alternatives to

There are many alternatives to that offer similar performance at attractive prices. For example, take a look at two of my most highly recommended providers to date, Eweka and Newshosting. These currently sport the highest number of dedicated servers among all Usenet providers, and they also score very high indeed when it comes to retention rates.

Conclusion: Final words about

All in all, my experiences make it clear: This is a very solid, but not completely perfect provider for Usenet access. Those who are looking for easy handling and free newsreader clients, including a VPN included in the software package, are definitely in the right place here and can also benefit from attractive rates. Because of its many advantages, such as high-speed bandwidth and global dedicated server coverage, and at the same time negligible weaknesses, I can confidently give a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. If I could suggest any improvements at all, more flexible payment options could be beneficial for some, as well as a live chat feature to make customer service more convenient. Beyond that though, I would really have to resort to nitpicking.


“ provides a rock-solid offering for those who like things straightforward.”

4.0 / 5.0 rated by Alyn Smith

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