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Looking for an alternative to the Internet? If you want to use the Usenet founded in 1979 by three computer science students, you can gain access via various providers such as However, the abundance of providers makes it not exactly easy to find the right one: Important features such as download speed and bandwidth make for stark differences between individual Usenet providers. It is therefore all the more important to familiarize yourself with your options in advance – my experiences and assessments are intended to help with this on Let me say in advance: can offer numerous advantages that make access even more interesting


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Advantages and disadvantages of the provider

  • 3,800 days of retention time – equivalent to more than 10 years of article storage
  • Can be tested for free for two weeks
  • More than 200,000 newsgroups available
  • 5 server farms for stable and fastest connections
  • 256-bit SSL encryption for absolute data security

    – Only two tariffs usable
    – Customer support not available via live chat Webseitenausschnitt

The prices - Can I save with a coupon? allows you to choose between two tariffs. This is manageable, but in comparison the prices behave favorably, so that no coupon is needed. Our own experiences show: Who is quite little on the Usenet, will appreciate with the Relax package and up to 35GB Highspeed satisfied. For a more extensive surfing experience, however, the Compact variant with monthly billing is the better choice. Among other reasons, because only here the free SpyOff VPN has been integrated.

The fact that only two different rates are available is also an advantage to a certain extent according to the experience. Because: The selection options remain more manageable and can be chosen more easily.

Test 14 days for free

Good news is that the software can be tried out for two weeks for free without any coupon at all. Here 10GB volume with full bandwidth is available, as well as free newsreaders. Within the two weeks can be canceled at any time, otherwise the trial period goes into the Relax subscription.


High-speed network of independent type with 200,000 newsgroups

The main difference between Usenet and the Internet (previously Arpanet) is that uncensored content can be viewed. Arpanet, on the other hand, was initially controlled by the military., with over 200,000 newsgroups, provides access to a whole range of articles that can only be found on Usenet. Those who opt for the Compact package can also access Usenet anonymously and protect their privacy. Incidentally, there are no advertisements or pop-ups on Usenet that could disrupt one’s surfing experience. makes a positive impact because the content is transmitted over a stable connection, which is made possible by five of its own servers. In order to be able to offer the content for as long as possible, the company invests in new server memory: for example, 3,500 days of retention time used to be standard for the company – today it is already 3,800 days.

Newsreader selection - the right download for each device

If you want to download newsreader software, you can choose from a total of four newsreaders, each with their own advantages. They are suitable for different operating systems, so you can choose for yourself which software suits you. Available are:
  • Momentum: Suitable for Linux, Mac OS and Windows
  • com: Suitable for all operating systems and mobile devices
  • Tangysoft: Tangysoft is only available for Windows devices, not mobile
  • SABnzb: Only available for Linux
All newsreaders can be used free of charge after the download, which is a significant advantage of the provider. Those who wish can also seek out alternatives to the software and are thus particularly flexible.
Die Newsreader-Installation

FAQs - all questions about answered

What is

The provider with seat in San Marino enables access to the Usenet as an alternative of the Internet via its own servers. Only a registration and the download of the newsreader software is required to use the Usenet through the provider. The software is free of charge in itself, so that no additional fees have to be expected.

Is illegal?

No. The software is completely legal and can be compared to a telecommunications service provider that provides access to the Internet. Usenet can be used by anyone completely legally. In my experience, it is a reputable and secure provider.

How to cancel

According to experience, the cancellation can be submitted directly by phone, e-mail, in writing or via the contact form. It is recommended to request a confirmation of cancellation and to save a copy of the cancellation letter. Anyone who cancels by telephone should do so in writing a second time to safeguard themselves.

Is safe? software is absolutely reputable and secure: with the help of 256-bit SSL encryption all data is protected, while VPN access is also possible for more privacy.

Is one login enough for all software?

According to my experience, only one data set is required for the login. The access data can be used with all newsreaders and also alternative softwares, which simplifies the handling particularly strongly and also enables newcomers. This also makes it easier to change a forgotten password after the download.

Alternatives to

Many alternatives to can be discovered. For example, you can discover the top provider Eweka and Newshosting, which have the largest number of their own servers. The retention time is also particularly high for both providers.

Conclusion: Final words about

All in all, my experiences make it clear: This is a very solid, but not completely perfect provider for Usenet access. Those who want easy handling and free access to newsreader software or VPN software are in the right place here and can enjoy good rates. Because of the many advantages, such as high-speed bandwidth and hardly mentionable weaknesses, I can give a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Only additional rates or even a live chat customer service could lead to a perfect score.

“ provides a rock-solid offering for those who like things straightforward.”

4.0 / 5.0 rated by Alyn Smith

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