NZB Search - What Is It Actually?

On Usenet, as an alternative to the Internet, you can browse content that is not subject to censorship and is not tied to advertising. Usenet allows the exchange of information away from the Internet – and this via 200,000 and more newsgroups, in which the desired content can be searched for. However, larger files are often broken up into parts here, so that when they are downloaded via the newsreader, packages have to be unpacked and reassembled to form the original file. For this to work, information about the download is needed – contained in so-called NZB files. I’ll tell you below how to find them – and which search engines are necessary for this.
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Search engines for NZB search

If you want to go to Usenet, you first need a Usenet provider. However, this must be combined with a newsreader if this has not been integrated – usually the newsreader can be used free of charge. With the newsreader client of your choice, Usenet newsgroups can be searched and filtered for content, which you can download and save to your hard drive as you please. But what if you want to get download information as well?
In this case, you can use a newsreader that supports NZB Search – which is the case with Momentum Plus, for example. Appending the ending “.nzb” to the name of the file allows NZB Search to bear fruit most easily. However: while most newsreaders need to be downloaded and installed, there are also browser-based alternatives, such as NZBKing or Binsearch, which do not require any download at all.
Browserbasierte NZB Search
With NZBKing you can start your NZB search directly in the browser.

Browser-based NZB Search or downloadable client?

Whether you should opt for the browser-based NZB Search or rather for the classic newsreader download depends entirely on your personal needs. For example, it may be more practical and convenient to rely directly on a newsreader client with integrated NZB search: One download is then sufficient for all search functions in Usenet. However, if you search for NZB content less frequently, the browser-based NZB Search via providers such as Binsearch or NZBKing is usually sufficient. My tip at this point: Just try out both variants to find the right one for you.

Popular search engines for NZB data

There are several Usenet Search providers that have already convinced plenty of customers. However, NZB search engines should meet a few criteria in order to really be among the top companies in the industry and deliver the benefits you are looking for:

  • Long retention time of NZB content
  • Possibility to rate content
  • Advanced search functions
  • Multiple filtering options

In my eyes, three different browser-based search engines can currently score as NZB search tools. To help you decide at a glance which of the providers is suitable for your purposes, I have summarized their most important features for you. To begin with, it should be said that all NZB search engines are reputable providers with secure application capabilities. They allow downloading directly from search results.

NZB Tool

Filter options

Lead time

Content can be filtered by age
Advanced search possible
Search more than 3,400 newsgroups
Simple user interface
1.100+ Days retention
Advanced search possible
Search 3,500+ newsgroups
Search more than 200 million Usenet content 4,000+ days retention
Only usable with premium Usenet access
4.000+ Days retention
Numerous filtering options when searching NZB content on Usenet
Trusted provider without failures
Lead time not known

Important: Even when searching Usenet, you can encounter viruses that can harm you and your device. This makes it all the more important to choose providers and tools that include SSL encryption and thus increase your security.

Tips and tricks about NZB file search

You don’t always want to search and download content that is available in other languages. Therefore, you should also remember to append the corresponding term to the NZB search. Another tip is to filter the NZB search for the latest files, if you have already dealt with the topic before. Also, it can be helpful to study NZB forums online if you want to learn more about certain content in advance or learn tips from experienced users. Such forums include:
  • Ghost of Usenet

However, the latter can only be accessed via the Tor browser. This is because the forum was offline for a long time and then moved there. Important to know: Without invitation you can not log in to forum, so you should also look for alternatives.

Online Suche
The user interfaces of the NZB search engines are very clear and easy to use.

FAQ: NZB Search made easy

At this point, I would like to go into more detail on frequently asked questions about the NZB search. Especially for beginners, the topic can pose a lot of difficulties and harsh learning curves. Due to my years of experience with Usenet I can provide all-round information and clear up common questions – so that your NZB Search succeeds right from the start.

What is the NZB Binary Search?

Binaries are raw data about a particular newsgroup on Usenet, not text content. The binaries are intended to exchange data and to simplify the search process – as a rule, newsreaders and also NZB search engines enable binary searches on Usenet. Binaries are usually stored by Usenet providers for less time than conventional content – three years is the average retention time.

What happens after NZB search download?

Once you have found the NZB file you are looking for, you will need to know what to do with it. After importing, you can open the NZB file and automatically discover the associated Usenet content in the download queue. Now it is possible to download and view the content – even for particularly large files.

Is NZB Search possible free of charge?

You can actually do the NZB search for free if you find a newsreader freeware with appropriate format support. Free search is also feasible via some of the above-mentioned NZB search engines, as you have now learned. Another possibility is to use the trial period of a Usenet provider to do an NZB Search.

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